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My daughter is only 13mths but for the past 3 months she has come to me to tell me she has done a poo, she says the greek work for poo. When I say to her, "lets go change your nappy" or "do you want me to change your nappy", she nods and walks straight to her change table.
When are toddlers ready to use a potty??

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

hi since no one else has replied i the sounds of it she is ready as she is telling u when she uses bowl movements buy a cheap potty and start asking if she wants to use the big kids potty and reward her when she does something in it it is hard at 1st but try and try again,...

katie,nsw,20mth son

Thank you, i think i will buy one, i guess i just didn't want to push her or look like i was pushing her, its good to her from some one who agrees with me. Alot of people are saying "no way, she's too young" but they dont know how she is, thnank you for your reply!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

HI, Thanks for starting this sudject. My daughter is 17 months and has done the same thing for a couple of months. I am going to get a potty and give it a go.

Alot of people also have told me she is too young and that they don't know when to go at that age, I feel it may be jealousy from other mums of the same age children.

I think laziness plays a great part in potty training from both the mums ( or carers) and the bubs. Who wants to pay for nappies longer than they have to????

I say have a go, I don't feel it can really harm her.

Till later Aileen smile

Aileen, nsw, Macenzie17 months plus 1 edd 4/11/04

I have bought Neena a potty and she sits on it between nappy changes and before her bath! She loves it, she has done a few wee's on it but by accident i think!!! She did a pop off on it and we all had a giggle, so now we see her strain her face trying to do one, then she makes the noise with her mouth!!!!!!

It seems fun to her so i think i will just continue to do this untill i feel like taking her out of nappies,
Thanx for your feedback!!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

Hi thanx for your feedback!
I have bought Neena a potty and I put her on it between nappy changes and before her bath, she loves it! She has done a few wee's on it, proberbly by accident but like you said, it cant harm her!
I'll keep you posted on how she goes!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

My understanding is they are ready when they can feel the need to go. Normally this happens from 18 months to 3 years, but that is the average age. I don't see any reason why a toddler couldn't develop earlier than that. As they keep telling us, all children are different, and what is normal for my wee boy is not necessarily normal for your girls!
I wish George was ready, but the only thing he is doing so far is trying to get his hands into his privates during nappy change. We have a potty in the bathroom for him so he's used to it being there when he starts to be ready, and that way it won't be scary (I hope).
Anyway, if your child is happy using the potty, go for it!

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

It definitely depends on the individual child. They are all different in so many ways!
Actually I got a huge shock when my Mum told me that my step Sister was out of nappies by 12 months!
James is 14 months & just like George, nowhere near ready for potty training.
A large part of Mums sayin "no way" to you is because they only know what their own kids were like at that age. And the other part may be a little jelausy I guess.
Just do what you feel is right for your little girl! And if it's too soon she'll probably let you know in one way or another!

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Neena is going well, she uses the potty between nappy changes ans tells me when she is DOING a poo so i can put her on the toilet! She isn't nearly ready to be out of nappies though, she doesn't know when she has done a wee, unless she has no nappy on and its on the floor in a puddle, but im in no rush! Im quite happy with her progress and think she is doing exceptionally well!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

Hi gals,

I bought Macenzie a potty and I let her sit on it and play with it for a few days, out in the longe room so she wasn't scared.

Then I moved her potty into the bathroom, everything went well for the first week she would do at least one poo in there every day then all of a sudden she thought it was playtime in there and didn't want to do a poo there anymore..... but would do one two minutes later in her nappy.

Im trying to keep calm but she doesn't tell me when she has to do a poo any more so I'm just gonna keep trying, maybe she's just not ready yet.

In that week Macenzie didn't do any wees in the toilet either. Someone told me it's because todays nappies are too absorbant and they dont associate the feeling of weeing to wetness cause it gets soaked up. So the advice I was given was to try those terrytowling underpantswith built in thickness between legs (about $2.25 from Big W) when around the house and although some gets out, its much more absorbant than normal undies or nude bums walking around.

Hope I have helped anyone smile

Aileen, nsw, Macenzie17 months plus 1 edd 4/11/04

it sounds like a good idea using those terry toweling underpants. My daughter isn't ready yet for toilet training (she's 15 mths) but this is one thing that I will give a go.

Mel, SA

hi i am now branchin into the toddler area
goodness dont they grow quick?
my little one is almost 13 months old and has been taking her nappy off for awhile and nos when she needs to do a no 2 although i have tried her on the potty she sits there watching tv for 5 mins then gets up and pees on the carpet (god love her) and its all over time to play with the pot
should i keep trying or wait a bit longer
she is a big girl (as in tall) and because the pull ups come in her size i thought it would be time to start

DD may 03, DS oct 06

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