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parents nagging.. Lock Rss

hi im a single mum with a 20month old son i live at home with parents cuz i cant afford to pay rent,get food,pay bills and buy son things so i rent with parents but you see my parents said"i`ll get out ur brothers old potty for you to start training him and yes my son hops on it but they said"its better if u take off his nappy,"but i read in sites on net start kids offd by getting them use to potty then start taking off nappy they did that but he hop on it clap handsa then hoped off,he brang potty out into lounge room and sat on it my stepdad said'it would be better if ya mum took off nappy 1st" so i said "i read u get them use to potty then take off nappy"i did tell them his mine and all they said was"yeah but he has to start training as u see with my brother when he was 2 my stepdad got him from nappys to undies in 2weeks how?well everytime he pisssed himself he would take him out back and hoss him down though by time he started school he started pissing himself my stpedad thinks his mr expert he hasnt been around babies what to do i would like my son potty trained but at moment its hard when to know when he needs to go he doesnt talk much but i changed him every 3hrs or if he pooed i changed str8!!

katie,nsw,20mth son

Hi there! I wanted to reply to you because when my daughter was born i lived at my in laws house and they nagged me too! I think nearly all parents do it, and we just have to tell ourselves that we are doing what we beleive is best for OUR child!!
I think it wont hurt to pop him on the potty once a day with out his nappy but then again if you feel he isnt ready, dont do it! Just tell your step dad that its your decision when to train him and at the moment you dont think he is ready, he needs to be able to communicate his needs first.
Just hang in there, if the nagging gets too much just remember your doing the best you can and untill your son is 18, you get to make the decisions you want for him!!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

my partners parents are like that my son is nearly 20 months and doesnt talk that much so i dont know what to do. do i start to train him now or do i wait its a bit hard if he cant tell you he needs to go he will come to me when the has a dirty nappy but thats it what do i do

tina,n.s.w mum to 2 boys

well my son is 22months old now and when he has a wet nappy he grabs himself but with a poo he doesnt cuz well i smell it but at night when he has bath i take off his nappy and put him on his potty and say hop on ur potty.good boy when he times when i go to loo i take him in loo with me and he sits on potty clothes on and claps his hands and when im doing my business i say awww doing a pee,and the same if im doing a poo..ive been told every child is different,but its a start at the me if u like [email protected]

katie,nsw,20mth son

my daughter is 2 in june i am gonna try the potty soon as she takes dirty and wet nappies off all the time on me and i am getting sick of it. i've been nagged to but we are the babies mothers we know our children better than anyone else does. do it when you think they are ready. stuff what everyone else says.

Narelle, Eilish 5th june 2002 TTC since dec 2002

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