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toilet training for my 21mths old daughter - seek advice Lock Rss

My daughter has started to sit on potty at home since she's 10 mths old. She wanted her potty and asked to do that. At that monment she was in a 6-24 mths old baby group in the childcare centre.

Now she has been moved into the older group which she will receive formal toilet training. But we found she does not want to go to bathroom anymore, even she does not let us she had dirty nappies. The stuff in the Centre said she's not ready yet and they only will train her after she let them know she had dirty nappies.

At the beginning, I agree with the advice. But I found my daughter always wakes up and cries for going to toilet during night.

Now I am confused, my daughter is ready for toilet training or not?

Can anybody give me suggestion? Thanks.


i say go with your gutt if you feel she is ready she probably is after all you know your child better then anyone and what you say goes. if you tell the daycare to toilet train they have to.
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