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Poo all over the place!! Lock Rss

Can somebody please help me?? I have 2 daughters 9mths and 2.5yrs. The eldest isn't toilet trained but has very occaisional interest in sitting on the potty (not more than 5secs). I am not concerned about the toilet training side of things. My biggest and most annoying problem is that she sticks her hand down her nappy after she has pooed in it and then proceeds to get it on the carpet, the walls, the mirror, her bed and blankets, stuffed animals and toys and all over her body in general or what ever she is near at the time. This has been going on for a couple of months. She will go for a few days with out doing it and then all of a sudden she will start doing it again every time she does a poo. I am at my wits end and now am starting to get really angry. I used to calmly tell her off and put her in the shower while I'm cleaning up the mess, but now I have to walk out the room and spend 5mins calming myself down or let my husband fix her up while I clean up the mess (if he is home at the time). I have had to scrub it out of the carpet so many times that I have rubbed my fingers raw trying to get it out before it stains.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I should do? I need help before I go insane!!!!!

Marcelle Kleinmeulman

firstly, i completely understand how hard this one is! our first 2 never did anything like it then #3 decided it was her own personal paint pot! it was so gross and embaressing if she did while other ppl were around!
secondly, they do grow out of it! lol, doesnt feel like it tho huh smile

the way we overcame it was to put shorts over the nappies, and if that didnt work we resorted to overalls/shortalls. we found she couldnt get her hand in there.

#4 has taken to taking his drity nappies off and leaving them wherever he was, then he brings a clean nappy to us, so we put shorts on him and he cant reach the tabs.

i have yet to find a quick end solution to it, and i hope that it ends quickly for you, is she interested in pullups? maybe you could reason with her that big girls dont do that [poo painting!] in their big girl nappies. we have found that #3 behaves differently in her pull ups then in nappies. it's just a thought smile

good luck smile

sahm to 5 midgit circus freaks

Hi Celle,
I can match your problem & raise you one!!!! We too have poo issues in our household with our 2.5yr old. Oddly enough I also have a second daughter who's 9mths old. Our 2.5yr old is toilet trained but for the past 3mths she's been periodically painting her new room (we've just got an extension) with poo. It's so disappointing cleaning her hair, body, floor, walls, bed linen, toys, curtains & door. Her favourite thing to 'paint' is her bedroom door. I'm soooooo very thankful that we have polished floors, maybe you'll need to consider putting them in as they make cleaning a whole lot easier.
I can truly sympathise with you & the worst is that it comes out of the blue. My husband has been physically ill himself when helping to clean it up too. I try to look at what might be upsetting her at the time as I'm positive it's an attenting seeking devise. Most children don't care whether it's positive or negative attention at this age, they just want it.
I've also started getting my daughter to help clean it up. I know it sounds rediculious but she stopped doing it once she helped me wipe down the walls. It's so very hard not to get upset as it breaks your heart trying to work out why they're doing it. Luckily we haven't had an 'episode' in a couple of weeks (touch wood) & hopefully she'll have forgotten all about doing it.
Best of luck,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi everyone,

this is just a thought and by no means am i an expert, as I have never experienced this. But I was thinking - is it worth letting the kids finger paint outside in the garden. Maybe, they are showing and interest in painting and if you let them they will stop it with the poo.

perhaps make it a set time every day and they will forget about painting with their poo.
good luck smile

Vic, 2 girls - 9 yo & 17mth old

Hi everyone,

My daughter had been there too,

We now tape her nappy up, with "special' tape, she can only get her hands in with major difficulty,

Good luck Tepe

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

also..... i am getting in the carpet cleaners soon, it should be over now....

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

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