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Wanted........super absorbant nappy for night-time Lock Rss

My son (4 in May) wears a nappy to bed at night. He weighs around 24 kilos and I am finding that all the different brands of Junior sized nappies don't hold him overnight.

There is a large Huggies night-time nappy but I'm not sure if it is for kids who occasionally wet or it would hold his urine overnight. I think they are called overnights but I'm not sure. Has anyone here experienced anything like this? HELP!!!

I'm tired of washing bed linen every day.


Kaz, WA.....Mum to Lachlan (3) and Daniel (15mths)

Hi Kaz,

my sister in laws son has also had a night time problem with bed wetting and continuing to wear nappies for ages at night. She ended up speaking to her doctor, but her boy was older than your child. She also got a lot of information from I think that is what you are thinking of when you are talking about the "Overnights" I think you mean Drynites.

She thought both the site and the products were great. i hope you find some help there.

I'll check this topic to see how you are going.

Speak again soon.

tired and feeling old

Hi Kaz,

I know what you are talking about my son just turned 4 in Jan and he still has a very wet nappy at night. I tryed all kinds of nappies but the only ones I found to keep him dry where the drynights. He still has nights when he wakes up wet but this is not very often. Give them a go and let me know what you think.


jack3y1/2 jade1

Thanks both of you for your replies. I have bought the drynites and found them to be very good. They sure hold a lot more urine that the Junior sized nappies that I was using.

I am really happy with this product and can go up two sizes if I need to in the future although hopefully he will grow out of his night wetting soon.

Kaz, WA.....Mum to Lachlan (3) and Daniel (15mths)

Hi Everyone

I too am having the trouble of my 2year old weeing so much through the night that I am having to constantly change his sheets. Does anyone know if the drynites would work on a two year old? At the moment I wake him before I go to bed and sit him on the toilet to do a wee but nothing happens so I end up just changing his nappy which is keeping his bed dry. He is in the Junior sized Huggies nappies after wasting many dollars on various other brands. Has anyone any ideas as to whether drynites would work on a 2year old or any ideas fullstop?

Thanks Lisa

Lisa, NT, 2year old boy

have u tried pull ups? and yes if he fits the dry nites they will work smile my 22mth old loves pull ups, and i must admit, i think they're gorgeous smile

sahm to 5 midgit circus freaks

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