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Toilet Training


Potty training frustration Lock

I have a 2yo who will be 3 soon we have been trying to potty train but he says no and runs whenev...

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Have you? Lock

Hi, my nearly 3 year old has become very jealous of her little sister (9months) in recent times. ...

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Help my son who is 4 1/2 refuses to go to the toilet Lock

My son who is 4 1/2 has reached all of his milestones on time. He can count and spell his name. ...

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Nappy Pants too Big Lock

Hi my daughter is 1 and we began introducing the potty to her for the last 3 weeks. She has pick...

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nappy Lock

Can you still buy toddler pull ups

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Is my son ready for TT Lock

Hi all just wondering as I'm new to all this but my son turns 2 in a few days but lately he ...

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He sounds ready for training. Every child is different. Some train older some younger. You know when they are ready because they t...


Potty training a 6 month old? can it be done? Any tips? HELP! Lock

I have a 6 month old son, he is very smart and aware of everything. He is uncomfortable in a dirt...

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My son also hated a soiled nappy. He would first grunt to give me warning he needed to go, then he would cry as soon as he did it in...


Hep please Lock

My nearly 3 knows she needs to go to the toilet but refuses. She has been enough on there to know...

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Toilet training - starting and while working Lock

Hi everyone How did you go about toilet training, especially if it was in the cooler months and...

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In my case, nothing changes during the year. When my eldest son was 3 my husband installed one of these Japanese toilets in our bath...


3 year old won't poo in toilet Lock

Hi, I have a 3 year old girl, she will be 4 in September. We started toilet training when she wa...

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Shall I keep at it? Lock

I have just started toilet training my 2yr 4month old this morning and although she hasn't w...

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how long have you been trying? for me, 1st day was about only a million accidents, day 2, accidents every 30mins - 1 hour, we'r...


3yr old stays dry in jocks for hours Lock

Im new to this topic, my 3yr old son will happily wear jocks throughout the day. Has had a coupl...

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I wouldn't ask regularly, it starts to annoy kids. have you tried putting a ping pong ball into the toilet? boys are weird an...


TT questions Lock

Hi everyone, so my DS is 2, holding his wees for 1-2 hours, but missing the potty. he's aw...

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HELP 3yr DS won't poo on toilet Lock

My son is totally toilet trained for no.1's, he hasn't had an accident for weeks and wakes up dry...

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My DD is exactly the same @nickysue. She’s toilet trained for wee and is dry overnight, but refuses to do poo in the toilet. She eve...


DS poops in toilet but not wees Lock

Hi! Help please! My nearly 3 year old goes to the toilet for poops but not wees! I have no idea h...

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Would you Night time toilet training? Lock

Toilet Repair: The Smell Out Of Hell I got a query from Samuel C. requesting: "I have a con...

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Night time toilet training Lock

Just wondering when people did night time training. DS1 is often dry in the mornings (if I get na...

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My 3/12 year old will not poo in the toilet or during the day. Lock

My 3 and 1/2 year old will not poo on the potty. He was wee trained just before 2! He holds it in...

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Hi, I see you posted this a few months ago. Just wondered if you've had any improvement or what changes you made? I am having t...


3 Year Old Anxiety with doing number 2 Lock

Hoping someone may have had a similar experience and can offer me some advice. Our 3 year old is ...

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When did you start toilet training your little one? Lock

2 replies

I have no idea how to start potty training but I started my daughter's potty training at 2 but it wasn't an easy process. ...


teen in diapers Lock

hi, my baby is 14, i know he is too big for this forum but i dont know what else to do, i try dry...

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3 day potty training Lock

Hi ladies, I have heard about the three day potty training program and was wondering if anyone c...

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Hi, can some please send me an email with the 3 day toilet training please [email protected]

3 year old is too scared to poo in toilet - HELP!!! Lock

Hi Mums Sorry if you have time and have dealt with 'poo phobia' with your toddler, please read m...

27 replies

I feel your frustration. My 3 and 1/2 year old will not poo on the potty. He was wee trained just before 2! He holds it in until he...


Toilet training Lock

Hi just wondering if there is anyone with the same issue of toilet training as daughter is...

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Free Potty Training In 3 Days Video Lock

you had great success potty training your child by using the methods that you found at: www.poopy...

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how to and when to start nightime toilet training Lock

Hi all, My son, is nearing his 3rd birthday end of March. He has been toilet trained and wearing ...

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you had great success potty training your child by using the methods that you found at: potty training children and it only took 3 ...

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Have you recently started toilet training? Lock

Tell us how you are going!

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Mr 3 and his number 2's Lock

Hello all, Our son is almost 4 and we started toilet training quite a while ago, we now have no ...

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When is the right time to start toilet training your little one? Lock When did you start? We'd love to hear ab...

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How to toilet train your little one Lock

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Some tips for avoiding toilet training accidents Lock

Some tips on avoiding accidents: 1. Take your child to the toilet at predictable times (first th...

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5 things you can do to prepare for toilet training Lock

Toilet training can be frustrating and pretty gross. We've got some great tips on the forum ...

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Toilet training 18 month old boy Lock

We have a 18 month old boy and he is currently in the largest size huggies nappy pants, so now I ...

1 reply

Every child is different, i think that when your child is ready they will let you know. Dont put pressure on yourself as a parent. B...


3 1/2 year old toileting gone down hill Lock

My 3 1/2 year old girl has started going to the toilet in her knickers. It's been like it fo...

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Help !! Lock

Hi everyone I'm really struggling to toilet train my 3 1/2 year old boy. He refuses to go wi...

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Dont feel bad every child works at their own pace


toilet training Lock

Just wondering what age parents have begun toilet training their child?

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Toilet training tips Lock

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Tips for keeping your child dry at night Lock

Tips for helping your child stay dry at night 1. It's important to make sure your child is ...

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Toilet training problems and how to deal with them Lock

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Night time toilet training Lock

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