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I need help with cleaning my one year old's (5) teeth... Lock Rss

I am sure this topic has been covered before and everybody has had similar problems...

BUT, my 13 month old daughter has 5 big front teeth and I have recently noticed them looking like they need to be cleaned. I have a soft baby toothbrush and some junior tooth paste but my daughter refuses to open her mouth. I have tried letting her play with the tooth brush, I have tried showing her me brushing my teeth, my husband brushing his teeth. I have let her chew the tooth brush in the bath tub, in front of the mirror, standing in the bathroom. Nothing works.

How to I begin good dental hygeine with my daughter? How do I get those 5 precious teeth clean for her?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried a 'Barbie' or like electric toothbrush. My son has a dinosaur one which he received as a present and loves it. No problems with him brushing his teeth.

I also give him oral fluoride as we live in Brisbane and do not have fluoride in our water like all other States.

Good Luck.

Therese, BRISBANE, 3yr old boy 6 wk girl

Hi Michelle,

I went thru something very similar for weeks, knowing that they had to be done!

One night got hubby to do them and she was fine ever since. She just got use to refusing to do them with me! I hope it is this simple for you.

We also use the "say ahh, see eeh" so we can clean them properly!

Sometimes now when she is hesitant, we say we are going to clean dollys teeth, or her babys, and that usually gets her interested!

Best of luck,

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

My daughter is one and has 8 teeth. Her tooth brush is in the bath with her toys and she started just by playing with it in her own time. When she started to put it in her mouth I said "brushing your teeth". Now if I say "brush your teeth" she actually puts it in her mouth and moves it up and down and will let me do it for her sometimes.

I was told they don't actually need toothpaste until they can understand what they are doing - closer to 2 years.
My daughter is 13 months and she is exactly as you descibe. She wont let me brush her teeth ive tried everything you have, but nothing works, Its always a screaming match with her.

Since getting 4 top teeth at once she wont let me anywhere near them but i try to wipe them with a washer when i can cause food is getting stuck to her teeth and im scared that there gonna rot or somthing.

I think if she using the brush herself than i dont think its something to worry about. (Although i do anyway) the clinic nurse we see said that kids dont actually get the concept of proper brushing til the age of 5.

well i dont think ive been much help but at least you know your not the only one with a child who wont let you brush there teeth. Im getting the same


Linda, NSW, mum of Olivia (b) 03.01.03

Thanks for your reply... linskeh

It is nice to know you are not alone smile

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