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im just wondering when people decided to put their child in a booster seat instead of the car seat?

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

Dont be in a hurry to move your child to a booster unless they no longer fit ther carseat. They should remain in a carseat until they are 18kgs or until their shoulders are higher than the straps. Sorry to preach, Im quite passionate about this topic, here is a useful link. 4
im due with my thirs in sept and im not too sure how a third car seat will fitin our car but i would rather gat a new car than put my 2 1/2 year old in a booster seat too early.some people find my husband and i quite strict when it comes to the car seat topic but i think you can never be too strict when it comes to your childs safety especially when something so small can be a matter of life and death. Definately take mars' advice and dont put your child in a booster too early!

I think that kids should stay in a car seat until they outgrow them as they are soooo much safer.

My 3yo is still in a car seat. He got too tall for his old car seat about 2 mths ago (and his baby sister needed it!) and even though he was just heavy enough for a booster seat (14kg) we decided against moving to a booster seat as it's not safe enough.

We opted for a Safe-n-Sound MaxiRider which converts from a car seat to a booster seat. It is taller than most car seats and kids can stay in a 5 point harness until they are 18kg. You can then use the Maxirider as a booster seat with a safety harness and it also has an anti-submarining strap (strap between their legs) which stops them sliding under the seatbelt in an accident.

Having said that, we have just let James move into a booster seat in granny's car as he only goes in it once week at most and only around the corner. We got a Safe-n-sound Pegasus as it has the anti-submarining strap too. I'm still nervous about him being in this though (but as Granny never drives over 40k/hr it's probably safe!!).

Just re-read what I've written and it sounds like an add for Safe-n-sound!!! Not sure if other brands have the safety features mentioned but we figured it was well worth spending the extra money for the added safety.

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I too am feel very strongly about car seat safety. My ds was getting to heavy for his babyseat, but was way too young for a booster, so went out and spent the money on a Maxi rider also. Figured i would get till at least 4-5yr out of it. I too watched that clip on u-tube and bawled my eyes out. I have living proof of not having the the correct child restraint. My SIL is severly braindamaged from not being in a babyseat. so its pretty close to home to me.
I agree with Dianna, we got a maxi rider (safe and sound) when second child needed the car seat. It great and safe. especially as H is quite a tall toddler and had really outgrown the car seat before he was 2. H loves the cup holder and putting the arm rests up and down when he gets in and out of the car.

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can you get a booster seat with the shoulder straps?

You can get a harness to go with your booster seat. The maxirider is the only one with an inbuilt 5 point harness, but this still will only last until around 4 or 18kgs. At this point you would use a protecta harness with it
I have to agree on the Maxi Rider. I have just recently purchased on and its the best money that I have spent. Knowing that the seat will last her for so long as well.

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Hi. We moved our son into a booster seat just recently as he grew too tall for his c****at. We had the Safe N Sound carseat that went from birth to 4 years (or birth to 18 kilos). My boy is now nearly four and around 16 kilos, but was too tall for the original carseat. I now have him in the Safe N Sound Pegasus booster seat with a Safe N Sound H-Harness. The pegasus seat has an anti-submarine clip - which when combined with an H Harness, effectively makes the seatbelt into a five point harness. The seat takes up to 26 kilos and the harness can be used with or without the booster seat and goes up to 32kilos.

LIke another poster said - I sound like another Safe & Sound Advert too...... lol
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There was an 'article' on TV recently (can't remember the details of where/when) but it was about a family who had lost a toddler in a car accident in a booster seat. They are now spearheading a campaign to change recommendations so that toddlers to stay in car seats until age 4. They have also produced a television commercial that is just devastatingly brutal.
We had just moved our 3yo into a booster and I put him back in his car seat the next day.
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Hi My son is quite tall so when he was about 2.5 years weighing 16kg he looked extremely awkard in a car seat and looked safer in a full booster seat not just the base type... I suppose its when your child grows out of it is the safest thing to follow
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