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Changing Nappies Lock Rss

Sometimes when I'm changing my 2yo's nappy, she will cry and say "no no" and she will pull on it so I can't take it off and I have no idea why she would do this .Sometimes she fine having it changed but others not.I ask why but she keeps saying "no no" and when I do get the nappy off she crys,kicks,pushes my hands away and it upsets me because I don't know why. If anyone has any idea why I would be very greatful to hear of maybe a soloution and a reason.

LittleSasa,SA girl

Maybe she is ready to start toilet training and doesn't like the restictions of a nappy. Pull ups may came in handy as you can teach her too pull them up herself but hold any accidents, or she may just like the freedom no nappy gives her, my friend had a similar problem with her boy and on nices days she'd let him run around outside with no nappy on for awhile as we live on the Gold Coast we have too many nice days so it was easy for her to do this. My daughter is fine when changing her nappy but loves when it is off but it does sound like your daughter is showing signs she's ready for toilet training. Hope this helps and good luck!
Thanks for the reply.I too thought she was ready to start toilet training and for a while she was telling me when she had to go and was going but then she stopped for no reason and I don't know why.Sometimes I think she likes the sercurity of the nappy on.My girl also likes it when she is free with no nappy but then she likes it when it is on to.No win situation at the moment.

LittleSasa,SA girl

Have you found a solution yet??
If so, please share !
my 16mo son just hates having his nappy change and will also yell and scream. It has got to the stage where he just lies there and yells (while kicking me too) or continually rolls over -not very helpful with a dirty nappy.
Bribing with bottle/toys etc does nothing.
Any solutions or tips out there?

Kate WA

This was a while ago for you now.
Did anything work? My 2 yr old girl will not let us put nappies on her 80% of the time. This is okay during the day when she is not to bad with the toilet training, but it's no good for bed time (day nap and nighttime) as she is far from dry during these moments. If we get them on they come off just in time for her to wee in the bed!!
Hi there T2
yeah that was along time ago but wot i did was i started putting the pull-ups on her and told her that she could sleep in 'Big Girl' now nappies she still kept crying but only a few times.I kept telling her 'Who's the big girl now ' and then after a while she was fine with it. the only problem i find with them is that they don't hold much so once she is used to wearing them again it's not that hard to change them back into proper nappies anyway i hope this works for u let me know how u go
Good Luck

LittleSasa,SA girl

give him a little ball made of sticky tape . he will be busy transferring from one hand to the other

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

my 16 month old daughter hates having her nappy changed. We have also tried bribing her with toys and the like, but she just screams every single time we change her nappy, it is just so frustrating. I am now at the point where I will try to avoid changing her nappy if my husband is around so he will then have to change it, I'll change it when he's not around, but it turns into a screaming match everytime, the same goes for when my husband is trying to change her nappy as well. I don't think she is ready for toilet training as yet and I even went as far as trying to change her nappy whilst she was standing up, I didn't end up managing it, but I'm sure it is possible though as long as she doesn't move around. I think the whole problem with changing her nappy is the lying down part, as soon as we lay her down, this is when the screaming starts, so I may persist with the changing her nappy whilst standing or even try the huggies pull ups but these are expensive and you don't get to many in the packs as opposed to nappies. Has anyone tried toilet training this young even when you didn't think they were ready, have you been successful, we certainly know when she's doing a poo and can almost predict the time when she will do one but the weeing is not something we can predict as yet as she's to young to understand when doing anything?

Mel, SA

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