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Going out of my mind Lock Rss

Jarrod my 20mnth old son has started pulling other kids hair and pulling there clothes. He has a thing for curls, my neice has curly hair and he always pulls it. Has anyone else gone through this? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am telling him no but he either he crys or laughs at me, also tryed smacking but get the same response. People say he just wants the kids to come with him and play but how can i get him to understand its wrong?

Karlee, WA, 1 & 2 yr old boys.

Hi karls this advice my sound harsh but have you tried pulling his hair to show him it hurts? I am not saying to rip it out of his skull but perhaps a good pull of his own hair might just get the message through. My son laughs at me when I shout or smack his hand so I found the only way to get it through to him is to give the same punishment back. I then sit him down and explain "gentle" to him. He learns very quickly this way. If he cries I just let him go as he has done something wrong and he has to learn that. But when he calms down we talk about "gentle" again. We always end with a kiss and a cuddle. Good luck.
With your 2 so close in age there is probably some attention seeking happening as well. It must be hard to take care of both of them and have the time to give him the attention he is probably craving but it might be worth looking at it from this angle to understand his behaviour. He might also be ready for a short time-out? Try not to give too much attention for his negative behaviour. Definately put a stop to it immediately and make sure he knows it's not right but make it a boring experience to do naughty things with lots of attention for good behaviour even if it means praising him for very mundane things and not doing anything wrong.

Good Luck.


Lucy's Mum

a freinds son did the same she was told by the clinic nurse to pull his hair and to samck if he laugh etc she said its nit hrad enough

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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