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Getting dressed- this worked for us. Rss

Hi ladies-

we've been struggling with the getting dressed saga twice a day for months. Dd was really using it as a power play, and she knew how stressed it made me in the mornings, and used it as a way to stay up at night.

A week ago, I'd had enough. I decided to get her to get into her pjs an hour earlier than usual, took her into the bathroom, and asked her to get changed. (I'm NEVER allowed to help her anymore!)
She refused, so I asked again, and told her she'd have to have timeout in the bathroom until she got changed.
(She normally has timeout in her room, but in this case, I didn't want her to be distracted).
She still refused, so I told her it was timeout- time. I closed the bathroom door, and held it shut. She screamed and carried on.
I went in after 2 minutes, by which time she'd stopped crying. I explained to her that she wasn't coming out until she had her pjs on. I asked her if she wanted some help, she said no, so I closed the door again.
I continued to go in at 2- 3 minute intervals, and everytime I opened the door, I acted surprised that she wasn't changed yet. I asked if she wanted help, and when she asked to come out, I told her that I wanted her to come out, sit with mummy, and read a story together, but she couldn't until she was changed.
This went on for 45 minutes!!!!! I stood outside the door with a glass of wine, and stayed calm and friendly thoughout the whole ordeal. I told her I loved her every time, and that when she came out she'd get a story with mummy.
Finally, she got changed.
I lavished her with praise, and read her the promised story.
The next night, she refused to change again, so she went back into the bathroom. This time, she was only there for about 5 minutes, before she got changed. I gave her heaps of praise.
The next night, I said "it's time to get your jammies on, do you need to go into the bathroom, or are you going to do it quickly tonight?"
She got changed immeadiatly.
I now ask her the same thing when it's time to get dressed in the mornings too, and she gets dressed as soon as she's asked!

Well, the point of this novel, is that it only took 2 nights to change her behaviour when I finally decided to crack down. Now life is so much less stressful!

I know lots of people have this issue with their kids, so I just wanted to share something that really worked for us. If getting dressed is an issue in your house, maybe you could try this method!

Ellie, NSW, DD 3 yrs & TTC # 2

thanks for the tip Elly, am always after advice from mums who'v been there, to help with the "stressful" stuff!

Well done for sticking to ur guns and staying calm..tuff job i know!!

Wow you are very strong, I try to dot he time out with My 3 1/2 yr old when she refuses to go to bed. I still have to sit with her until she falls asleep but if she has been very naughty i will not sit with her and the tantrums and the screaming gets the better of me and after about 30 mins of trying to calm her down telling her that i still love her but she needs to learn that mum wont do things for her unless she listens and does things that i want her to do but still with no avail...... i can not win and end up giving in once she calms down. I really wish I was a lot stronger and could deal with the screaming and carrying on that she puts on.... Good on you!!


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