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help me give the dummy the boot!!! Rss

hi mums and dads just after any ideas on how to get rid of the dummy

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Must admit my little girl did really well. We just took it off her 1 night and replaced it with a snuggly blanket...which she now loves and never gets washed!!!! We thru all the dummies in the bin so we wouldn't give in.
We tried loads of ideas even leaving it for Santa to give to another child, and the only one that worked was this. We told her that there was a poor little baby who had no dummy and his mummy couldn't buy him one and it made him cry all the time, we suggested maybe she'd like to give her dummy to this poor baby and both him and his mummy would be very happy. She loved the idea and has never asked for it again! After we told her how happy she had made the other little baby and she was wrapt.

Dizie, 2 girls, 2002 & 2003

We always got the kids to give the dummy to the pet dog/cat. When they asked for it we simply reminded them that they had given it to the dog/cat and they eventually left it at that.

lisa, mum of 2 twins

Hi Rebecca
I cut the end off my sons dummy and told him it was broken. after that he didnt want it

Melissa,Bathurst,3yr old and 1yr old

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