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Hi Dee I just wanted to say that I think different methods work for different kids. If smacking doesn't seem to do the trick then try something else like time-out maybe.

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Hi all,
Although I do believe in smacking when they need it I've found with my one year old that she understands the word no.
It may sound like a waste of time but I've found repeating things is the answer to her learning no. I repeat things for 5 - 7 days and after that if she is still doing something she shouldn't then she gets a smack on the hand. But generally I've found this to work so all I'm having to do is say no in a firm tone with a straight face and she listens.
If you're like me and would really rather not have to smack for things that I think they're only trying to learn about ...maybe you could give that a try.
Up to you.
Good luck!

Mandy, VIC, 2 girls under 4

Hi reading your message it all sounds so familar to me, my advice is go to your major book store & pick up the book "TAMING THE TODDLER" by Dr Christopher Green. It saves me still this day it is jammed packed with information from toilet training to sleep techniques to tackling the toddler behavior. I have two boys with lots on through the week but still find time to read it (find it hard to put it down).. It has worked so far for me my son is now fully toilet trained, sleeps thru the night in his own bed & finding listens alot better now,not getting so frustrated.. I believe it is thanks to this book that gave me the confidence to tackle those hard topics that every tossler goes through. My second son will be there soon at least I have the knowlege now.. GOODLUCK we all go through it !!!!

amy,vic,3 year old & 1 year old

hi there,
another approach is to redirect their attention.
distract them with a toy or something- take them out of the situation completely, and DONT make a big deal out of it.
the whole point is to get ur attention whether it be negative or positive.
i have just completed the positive parenting program (ppp) and i recommend it to everyone. i works best for children 3 and up, but you can apply it to any age.
the biggest thing to realise is that kids dont do horrible things just to be nasty- they are exploring their world and learning new things. so for example if u were ro wlak into the toilet to find ur toddler flushing things down the toilet, that is not them being naughty, it is that they are facinated as to where the things has gone.
but anyway, for a toddler, to remove them, replace their attention with something else while ignoring the undesirable behaviour would be the age appropriate thing to dotry to only give them positive attention.
hope this helps

Kristi 5 kids.

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