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"HELP" Daudghter hates having her hair being wet Lock Rss

My two year old hates having her hair wet and has done so for about a year. She loves all the other aspects of a bath or shower but still squirms and can get upset when we wet her hair, she doesn't mind the shampoo in fact loves it when I massage it in but hates when it is time to rinse it out. She loves swimming and always puts her head under the water but when its time to wash her hair she gets upset and from my knowlege has never had a bad bathing experience. If anyone has any suggestions on how we can sooth her fears or tips on how we can make it a better experience for all involved I would greatly welcome them.
It might be that she doesn't like getting the soap in her eyes, occassionally I have the same thing with my boys, but not often. It started off in the bath and then I thought of giving him a shower and he loved standing under the water. Now I have to let my son know "are you ready" before I pour water over his head.

If this is the case I have seen a hat like thing that you can put on their head so that the soap doesn't get in their eyes. I don't know where you can get them from, or if you still can as it was a while ago.
You can get thoses little hats to stop the soap getting in their eyes from the chemist. My son used to be really bad until I got the hat. (I can not remember what they are called) Now my son holds a face washer over his eyes.
Thank you for the hat suggestion I will have to buy one. Chemists do sell them and so do some baby stores, I rang them. Thanks again
My 2 year old hates having her hair rinsed aswell. I have tried the hat, but she hated that too. When I wash her hair, I get in the bath with her and let her rub shampoo into my hair then rinse it out. While she's doing it, I laugh and tickle her, and then she lets me do hers without too much drama.

Mum to Madi & Jake

My 3 year old daughter also hates having her hair wet, and having her hair washed is always a drama. So, what we do now is play "hairdressers", I ask her to lean back just like you do when you go to a hairdresser and they slowly rinse off her hair,and she seems to be okay with that. That way she doesn't get water or soap in her eyes and you can generally get her hair rinsed well!

Susan,NZ,3 yr old,1yr old littlies

Another idea is to let her choose what the water will come out of to rinse her hair. Go on a shopping trip where she can choose between a hose with shower head that attaches to the bath tap, a play watering can (maybe one with Barbie etc. on it, a drink bottle with a sports spout etc. etc. This will give her control over her fear and could be worth a try.

Good Luck,


Lucy's Mum

My son always has hated his hair being wet! I went out recently and bought one of those visor hats you can buy from the chemist and only cost about 5 bucks! It stops the soapy water from running down into their eyes! It has been great...he even washes his own hair now!

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Hi there!

My almost 16 mth old son absolutely hates having his hair some....the shampooing is fine. I've noticed with him that it's not so much the eyes he is worried about....he hates getting water in his ears. He once got water in his ear and it must have ached for awhile. For the past few months he screams when I rinse his hair. The cap for the eyes sounds great.....any other ideas?
Hello everyone,
If you think that your little boys problem is his ears what about putting cotton wool balls in them before the wash. It might work??????
Just a thought

Fiona, NSW

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