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teething and not what to sleep at night help Lock Rss

hi my name is michelle my son shaun has just turned 1 and he will not sleep well at night geys for a bottle all the time and he also get the runs when he is teething what can i do help nead so sleep here please anything that might help????
Hi Michelle,

Have you tried bongela, it worked great for us?

If things get real bad you could use baby panadol too.


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Michelle,

My almost 16 month old son has been a terrible teether....we have had incredible trouble with him. He gets diahorrea.....temperature....the works.
As much as I am against using too many 'medicines' on him.....I did resort to using Nurofen and it is fantastic. I give it to him before and relatively good night. If you're not sure about Nurofen then speak to your chemist. A lot of my friends swear by it as well.
Good luck!
hi there,

my daughter had similar sypmtoms when teething, didn't sleep at night, bad nappy rash, the runs and just constant grizzliness. We ended up using Bonjella on her gums and resorted to using infant panadol as well as she got temperatures and the panadol definitely worked for her. She is now just going on 13 months and has her 5th tooth coming through, and we've hardly had to use Bonjella and we haven't had to resort to the panadol as yet, so hopefully she doesn't get as bad as what she used to get. So all I can suggest for you is to use Bonjella or any other teething gel that's available, you can get Bonjella from the local supermarket and grab some infant panadol as well as this will come in handy when you least expect it. Bonjella was also useful for me to use when my wisdom tooth was playing up, it really does work!!

Mel, SA

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