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paw paw cream is the bomb! u can get it from most chemists. i have used it on all three of my kids bums and it has helped all the time. good luck!
Hi lizb, read all your replies and no one mention's resolve cream, it's for foot tinea and available at chemist's.
On the side of cream it says for nappy rash, it's the only cream that has helped my daughter! i've tried all the creams all lotion's that every one suggested, Resolve is amazing and works by the time you change them again.


Hi, the only product I have found to really work for bad nappy rash ( caused by Gastro) is simple home brand Vasaline. I tried all different creams and none have worked as well or are as cheap. Vasaline really moisturises and protects from further irritation.

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

ATTENTION: When my daughter was a mth old she developed heat rash around her neck, back of knees, arms... the doctor said she had and will have a skin condition for the rest of her life. I was prescribed to get her some cream that cost like $70. I was shocked. My mother-in-law suggested that I try something else before buying the cream. I thought that would be a good idea so I did... She suggested that I use "CORN-FLOUR" as she claimed that it worked wonders on rashes (any type of rash for young and old). I tried it that afternoon and I was AMAZED at the results... her rashes had started to vanish like in hours. I then started to use it when she had nappy rashes (which weren't) too often as I regularly checked and changed her nappies) Many of my friends are now using Corn Flour for nappy rashes and have informed me that it has worked wonders. Give it a go... You & baby very happy with the results... Good luck.

Corn Flour fan smile
My little boy is on antibiotics and he has the worst nappy rash/thrush its all blistered and sometimes bleeds. My chemist put me onto THE ROYAL CHILDREN"S HOSPITAL FORMULA NAPPY RASH CREAM. It contains Tea tree oil plus many other wonderful things it GREAT

Tereasa,VIC,18 mnth BOY

Hi, I have a 6mth old and I am also work in a long day care centre. We use corn flour for nappy rash and I have to agree that it works really well. Obviously if the rash is blistering you made need something more, but for everyday use I would also recommend corn flour. I have also used Paw Paw cream, it too is good.


Lisa,NSW,6mth baby


I am interested to know how cornflour is used..
My son has really bad rash... especially around his scrotum and i was prescribed sigmacort but i dare not use it around that area... and the cornflour sounds like a good alternative...

hi... i was wondering if u knew if it is safe to use on boys around the scrotum

HI Sue
I have just moved back to Adelaide to raise our 6 1/2mth boy, Mark, here. My partner, Andy, and I are from here and wanted Mark to grow up here. Mark has been getting extremely bad nappy rash the last few days due to both his bottom teeth coming up at once. I noticed ur msg on nappy rash and was wondering if u had to go to the hosp to get the Suzy Cream or can just get it at a chemist, as I haven't seen it at my local chemist. My email addy is . Thanks.

Dani, SA, 6mth baby boy

Hi everyone, My son is 16 months old and I use the Royal Childrens Hospital Formula Nappy Rash Cream now available to chemist in Victoria at least it's not in bright packaging so you may miss it on the shelf it contains Tea Tree Oil and smells great ask at your local chemist

Tereasa,VIC,18 mnth BOY

desitin is quite good. i always use powder and after a poo the desitin hydrozole is another good good for fungal infections and now available over the counter. it used to be a prescription one b4

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

my daughter still sometimes gets bad nappy rash where she is just so red that it hurts her when we change her bum so the doctor suggested we try a cream called Sigmacort which I got over the couter at the local chemist (SA) in reference to Sasa's earlier response about it only being available with prescription, we did have a prescription from the doctor the first time, but I have since been able to get it over the counter without a prescription. But unfortunately it didn't seem to do much after using it for a while, but another cream which a friend suggested is called Daktozin and this is available in the baby area of your chemist, if not ask at the counter as it is a great cream, quite thick in which you don't need to rub it in, but it has worked wonders on my daughters very red bum.

Mel, SA

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