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Nappy Rash Lock Rss

My 16month old is teething at the moment and has severe nappy rash. I need to change her almost every hour, and her bottom is very red. I used to use a Cream/Paste called Granugen and have been told by a couple of chemists that it is not longer available. I found this to be the most effective. I have tried other creams on the chemist shelf, but were not as effective. This Granugen product was thicker than most other creams and I think that's why the barrier was more effective. Has anyone used any other fairly thick creams/paste which I could possibly try.
I hadn't heard of Granugen. I have only used Bepanthen which is quite thick. When my little boy was 13 months he had a severe nappy rash also and the Bepanthen together with regular nappy changes cleared it up quickly.

I hope your little one feels better soon.

Mum of 1, NSW

Hi Lizb,

Isn't is just awful when our little ones get bad nappy rash - very painful for them.

I have 2 boys with food intolerance problems and they have had the worst blistery nappy rash at times before we knew what the problem was, and also when teething.
The only nappy cream I use anymore is Daktozin. It is actually designed for nappy rash infections, but I always use it as soon as their bottoms are really red and it prevents it getting raw and clears it up with 12 hrs. It also is thick and doesn't rub off on the nappy.

Hope this helps and hope your little one doesn't have too much pain with her teething.

Kim, NSW, 4yr + 2.5yr boys

Hello, how are you? My daughter is 13 months old and she doesn't often get nappy rash except when she is on antibiotics and then she gets it really bad. The one that i found worked the most was Sudo Cream. It's a bit expensive but it really works. If u have tryed it already and that hasen't worked then try Canestan Cream. That is only available from the chemist. That costs around $10. I found that Canestan was the best to buy. I hope that i have been able to help you.


I am a mother of five. Try canestan cream available only at the chemist. Works wonders!!


Hi I have a little bot 13months his never had bad nappy rash, but every time he starts to get nappy rash i put LUCAS papaw ointment on it recommend it the sister at the hospital told me about it you can get it from the local chemist or ask them to order it.
hope it works for you.

Tracy, NSW,12mth & expecting

I've always used sudo cream on my little boy but as it is rather expensive you could also try zinc and castor oil cream or canestan my mother reccomends both and so does my sister.

Nicole, Bayley 3 and Jordan 18mths

My 2yo also suffers from nappy rash and the best cream that I have found that works is Sigmacort.It will usually clear it up in about two days.The only thing is,is that over here (SA) you have to have a perscription for it.Sigmacort can also be used for dermatitus or any kind of rashes or reactions to anything.It can also be used on adults to.I hope this can help in some way,

LittleSasa,SA girl


Yes, since I wrote my details onto this page, I did see my local GP and she prescribed Sigmacort. I think it is really good also. This really works and I think it also soothes because it is not so thick and goes on really easily.

Thanks for responding.

I had the same problem, my solution was using these 2 creams advice from the pharmarcist.
First i use resolvebalm then afterwards curash.
Curash is avery thick cream and resolvebalm is soothing.

mary.NSW 11 month baby

i have a 9 month old girl who is also teething and has a bad nappy rash i have been told that babys get nappy rah because they are teething so you cant get rid of it until they are no longer teething, what i find helps her is after bathing i use curash and let sit about without a nappy for a while but when just changing her nappy i just use the curash powder no cream it seems to not get sid of it but it does help and the rash fades a bit so its not as raw
Hi Everyone,

I have a 10 month old boy who also gets bad nappy rash combined with excema. I had tried all the creams without much success but my CAFHS (baby clinic) nurse here in Adelaide told me about a good cream.The Children's Hospital here puts out some products and one is called Suzy cream and is made up of Cod Liver Oil & Benzoin. I don't know if it can be gotten interstate but ask you chemist.

The ingredient are Cod Liver Oil 109mg/g Zinc Oxide 227mg/g and Bensoin Comp Tincture 91mg/g so your chemist might know of a similar mixture. Within 12 hours he went from red raw to basically nothing.

Sue, Adelaide SA, 11 month old boy

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