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Won't stop playing with herself Lock Rss

My 2yr old niece won't stop touching herself. When we dress her we usually put long shorts or pants on her cause if she has a dress, skirt or short on she will pull her knickers to the side and stick her fingers up inside. First she sits there just staring and poking then I've come into the room many times and she has this look of pure pleasure (like a smirk)on her face and she stares towards the ceiling with her finger right up inside. She has done a few times in public, many times in front of visitors but mostly in the lounge in front of my other 2yr old daughter and 5 yr old son. Her biologial brother and sister were also obsessed with their genitals at this age and their Mum felt it was perfectly normal. I have had two child psyc's tell it isn't normal to this extent so I'm to deter her for this gently. We have tried ingoring her but as she grew in creasingly worse we realised that the more she was doing it the more she enjoyed it. She was then doing it on the toilet, in the bath and then trying getting down on her hands and knees right in front of the other kids and trying to touch them. Yes I'm talking about a 2yr old. Is this normal? Could she be feeling sensation already down there. I know she doesn't understand but ignoring hasn't worked nor has rousing at her or giving her a smack on the hand. We don't allow her to bath with the other kids now nor is she allowed in the room when they are getting dressed. Mostly because it was embarrassing and upsetting them. My kids have never cared to touch themselves other then to wipe while on the loo or clean at bath time.
Her mother told me about 3 yrs ago she was a nympho and she has had so many men she has lost count. I'm scared that this little one will be the same. Am I worrying to much or should I seek more professional help.


My DD is almost 14 months old and touches herself every chance she gets. She does not stick her finger right up inside but she does stick them in the folds of her vagina. She also has a look of pleasure on her face. I have talked about it with my GP and my CHN and both say it is normal. I do not get angry at her when she does it as I do not want her to grow up and associate touching herself or that area in general with shame. I sometimes try to distract her if it gets too much.

On the other hand, what you have said of your neice touching herself does sound a bit out of control. I do not think however that this means she will be a sex addict in the future...maybe her mum should speak with someone about this.

When I dressed her today, I had a quick look she doesn't have thrush or anything, but she does have some scratches there from touching herself. I'm concered that if I take her to the Doctors we maybe accused of something. I know we have done nothing wrong, but there is always that fear. When we had her brother here two years ago, he was only 3 and we had problems with him also. He would constantly grab at our son's (aged 3 also) doodle when they were getting dressed or in the bath. One day I walked into the room to see him putting his doodle near my sons bottom after bathtime. I was as you could expect horrified and really upset at this. After this happened they never bathed together or got dressed in the same room. He also loved to expose himself to us or any little friends my son had visit. I rang his Mother asked her if she had failed to tell us something. She just laughed and said 'stop overreacting, he's kid and it's normal, his older sister was the same'. Well my son (3) knew it wasn't normal, and we had never even started to teach him about how no-one is to touch you down there.
I'm so confused, I want to get help for her, but from who, I think she is too young for conselling. She does talk alot but not well, she still babbles alot, but she does understand alot. When we say 'NO, don't touch', and move her hand away she watch us closely and as we turn to walk away she will do it again with her tougue poking out, or repeating don't touch, don't touch.
I will take tomorrow to the doctors, I guess it is more important we get her treated then be concered about our own wellbeing.


I took her to the Doctors today! She has referred us to the a child psycologist. I'm not real sure how they can assess a 2 year old but it's a start. The Doctor was lovely she was so reasuring. She said that even between the age of 9mth to 15mth when she was living back with her Mum, if she witnessed her nympho Mother masterbating, or having sex then she would remember it. Her cot was right next to her mothers bed, so I can just about garentee she would have seen something. She said it could take as little as her seeing this then touching herself, relising how good it felt and then it's just escalated from there.


Hi Beckie
I think you are a wonderful mother to be taking on your sisters kids and own. I know kids tend to "find themselves" and are very curious as to the workings, my little fellow did.
I hope its just curiosity and not something else. I am glad you are taking her to get checked never hurts to find out if there is something wrong or not. Hope everything goes well and it is just a faze.

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

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