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Childcare or Kindergarden Lock Rss

Hello all.
My daughter is 29 months old now. I am seeking advice on what to choose for my girl, is childcare better or kindergarden? She attends childcare twice a week now but I heard that you don't learn much at childcare, all they do is play and play. Someone told me that kindergarden is better because they get to learn things. Can anyone who is on the same boat recommend me what is the best? I don't work at the moment, so time wise I am flexible. I know that at kindy they finishes at 2:30pm whereas in childcare you can pick them up anytime before 6pm. Thanks!

Lucy, mum to Stephanie-12/11/03

Hi Stephaniesmum, I used to work in childcare and can reassure you that while being play based, your group leader has to develop a program that aids in the development of your child (physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally) and should base this on observations of your child. I know it sounds more like they are playing but children really do learn a lot through play. Kindergarten is great also, personally I think choose whatever suits you best, just wanted to reassure you that your daughter should actually be learning things whilst at childcare:) Ps. Mine also go 2 days and I love being able to pick them up a little later if something has come up!
From personal experience we found our son grew up over night when we took him out of Daycare and put him into Kindy.
Our girls as yet have not attended either as we found Kindy to be alot cheaper then Daycare so they will go when they are old enough.
Our son had speech problems and was very clingy and shy and this all changed after he went to Kindy. He hated Daycare and would cry all the time when we dropped him off, with Kindy he cried on the days he couldn't go. He had a wonderful Kindy teacher that wasn't afraid to get on the floor with the kids or chase them in the yard and they adored her.
I choose kindy over Daycare any day.


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