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She won't sit still Lock Rss

I need some advice. I have a extremly exhausting dd. She is 21 months old and will not keep still.
I know this is normal, but her brother was the total opposite.
She climbs chairs, tables, beds. Anything in her site, is not safe. She even has to climb into the shower. I have to get up extra early to have a shower, before she wakes up.
We shut the hallway door, from the rest of the house, so that she is barracaded in the lounge room, dining room and kitchen.
I have tried everything. Taking her out till lunchtime; Wiggles and milk after dropping her brother at school; Reading to her, and also playing games. Nothing works.
I cannot do any housework until she has a nap, which is not till 1.00pm and then two hours later, I have to leave to get her brother. After school, its time to get dinner ready. She will not even let me do that, as she is constantly on the mood. Her brother is at that age (7) where she can be a pain and he does not want to sit around and entertain her after he gets home.
My dh and I are at our wits end.
You have just described my son. We tend to go out each morning until his nap time. Climbing! Ah! I'm sick of people asking about his scrapes and bruises. We have removed all furniture thatwe can do without, keep bedroom doors shut. We watch him like a hawk, but he still manages it.

Getting dinner is a pain in the neck. Sometimes I put him in the high chair and let him eat saltanas or an apple or something. Lately he has developed a passion for drawing, so he sits at the bench or in his chair and draws while I cook. Or it happens like today and he gets up to mischief or screams the whole time because he wants my attention.

Sorry very little help, but a lot of sympathy.

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