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i need to vent!!!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone

I have a 22month old girl and a 4month old boy, i work 2 days per week and run a household!!!

I don't have any time to myself at all.....

It goes from one child to the other, one is hungry the other has a runny nose etc you guys know how it is.

Can anyone suggest any ideas on how i can find time to myself????

I'm also moving in August, so i'm packing inbetween!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sad



Hi keli,
I know how you feel!!!
All I can suggest is:
Do their sleeps coincide at all during the day, if so this is the perfect time. When my son was on 3 sleeps a day he and his sister were asleep for about an hour at the same time, so I used to take the first 30 mins to sit down with coffee/ lunch etc and a magazine or the TV and just RELAX. Now that he's on 2 sleeps, they're never asleep at the same time, so I praise God for the invention of the Jolly Jumper!!! That at least takes care of the little one, and when he has his time in it while Em's asleep, that's my time.
Otherwise things like getting hubby to take them both for a walk so you can stay home by yourself.
Or get them both minded by hubby/ a friend etc, so you can go to the shops for a walk around, coffee etc. Even if it's only for half an hour it make a huge difference.
When they're both in bed at night, run a bath and take a magazine in with you and stay there for ages.
These are the sort of things I do, hope they can help.

Kellie, mum to Emily 4yo, and Jack 21mths

What about daddy? I am guessing you have a partner (if you are a single mum like me my answer is childcare) perhaps he can have the kids for an hour or so, you know build up the time over a few weeks, so you can go out and have a facial, shop, whatever tickles your fancy??


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