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How To Keep A 15mth Happy Lock Rss

Hi guys. Jasmine is now 15months and she hates playing with her toys. I Swap them around every month. She only goes to play with her toys for like 5mins a day. She will go grab her books read a page from each book and thats the end of her OWN play time. Shes always stuck on me. Everything i do she has to follow me. Is this normal? We live in a unit so im running out of things to keep her entertained. I put hi 5 on her and i get some things done but still she comes lookin for me. Shes got coloring penils paper etc everything u name it but i cant keep her off me. Is it cause i breast fed her? Or cuz shes a girl? I have a friend who has a son and he is happy to play with himself for ages. Jassy is another story she always wants mummy. Im just so tired.

Karen - Jasmine 14/1/05 & Damon 31/1/07

Hi Karen,
I have a little boy who will be 21 months tomorrow and he's been doing the same thing for the past couple of months (since about 19 months old). He was doing well before then most of the time and enjoyed playing by himself but now he just keeps following me the toilet, to make a coffee, anything....drives me nuts some days. He has had stages like this before and then comes good again. I find most of the time it happens is when he's getting new teeth and we suspect he's cutting his 2 year old molars (he has had 16 teeth since he was 13months old). He's constantly chewing on his fingers at the back of his mouth so figure the last of his teeth must be moving around in his gums & bothering him and will no doubt come soon. I can't offer any suggestions to make it a bit easier for you. I try and play with him for a while and then also try and get him to play on his own. (lasts for a couple of minutes and then he comes looking for me). i think it's a stage they go through either because they're not feeling 100%, teething or separation anxiety. Some days it gets a bit much but i guess we just have to sit it out and wait for them to come good again?? I don't think it's the breastfeeding causing it as Jayden's been weaned for quiet a while now and he still does it. My hubby is really good in that he'll take Jayden for a while when he's home to give me a break. Hope this helps and I'm relieved to hear I'm not the only one with a clingy child (thought it may have been something i was doing wrong). Maybe somebody else out there has some suggestions for us?
Keep us updated on your progress.
Hi there,

I have a DD 14 months and she is exactly the same. If I sit there with her she will play with the toys but bring out books etc. If I go into the kitchen she will come looking for me and its so hard to do things when she is awake. So I give her the time when she is awake as I know one day she will go to school and I will want more of her but she won't want more of me so I am enjoying the time with her now that I have it. Not sure if its a girl thing or just normal. So don't stress too much about it, know that you are not alone.

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