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Sick child!!! Lock Rss

hello everybody!! Just wanting to know how you all cope when your child is sick, my daughter is nearly three and has a rotten cold. She isn't too bad but nights are the worst, she is finding it difficult to sleep even with the vapariser and vicks on. just wondering if anybody has any simple ideas on how to get peaceful sleep for all.....My poor little princess!!!
Hope your coping well, my son gets rotten colds alot which turn into asthma, my dr suggested using demazin, it works like a dream, give it to them for 1 night and it drys all the nastys up enough for them to have a great nights sleep and they seem to be 50% (if not more) better in the morning, the main problem with colds and such in children is they need lots of sleep to recover but with a blocked nose they cant sleep or breathe so the cold goes on and on, i give both my kids demazin, just to sleep at the first bad night of a cold and it helps lots.

My daughter was born 8 weeks prem, so we had lots of illness as a baby and we have tryed almost every cold remedy on the market, this is by far the best.
Good luck, and i hope your daughter feels better soon.

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hope your daughter is better now. My daughter seems to get lots of colds and we find Dimetapp really helps. It seems to dry her out enough that she can breathe a little better, especially at night. We just have to time the last dose right so it works for most of the night. It doesnt seem to taste too bad either so I dont struggle getting her to take it.

Good luck!

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