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Getting the nappy bag smaller Lock Rss

Help. I have been carting this huge nappy bag around for 12 months. I have tried and tried to take things out but the minute I do sure enough I need it!! I have been hanging out for my son to be old enough to only need a few things but when will this every happen? Also I have changed from formula to fresh milk and concerned when I leave the house what is the best way to store this in a nappy bag. I dont want to be giving my child milk that may be on the turn. How are other Mums and Dads going about this. Or am I just being paranoid?.
Hi there!
I have a 14month old boy named Jesse and I have the same problem with the bag. Because he still has reflux, i need to pack lots of clothes because he goes through them too quickly. I'm sure in time, we will both be able to pack smaller bags, but for now, we will just have to put up with it.
As for your problem with cows milk. Jesse is also on cows milk. I find the best way to carry it when I go out is straight out of the fridge so its nice and chilled and placed in a cooler bag. It stays chilled for ages and reduces the chance of too much bacteria growing in it. Hope its helpful!

Aimee, melb, 14mth Jesse

When I go out with my kids all I take is a few bibs, the youngest is like a running tap at the moment he's getting his canine teeth, cordial for them to drink and some biscuits or a snack. Also you have a couple of nappies and wipes, and that is usually about it. It fits into a backpack nicely with enough space left for my wallet and keys.
I carry only essentials. If your child is over 12 months, water should be okay for during the day so a cup would be good, much smaller than a bottle. Also just take a couple of nappies if you are just going out for a few hours. A tupperware container with fruit cheese and some nibblies. I have also taken out the spare change of clothes that I used to carry coz they were never needed (no doubt they will be needed now that I've taken them out though!) Hope this helps. I empty the nappy bag every time I get home and just put back in what i will need for next time, then I just add the water and food when I go out.

Janelle Vic

Hi Calebsmum, We have won the battle of the nappy bag, well sort of. We now use a small bag, about the size of a preschool back pack. We can fit 3 nappies, 1/2 dozen nappy sacks, wipes travel pack, a bottle, bib, clean clothes, bum cream and our son's allergy medication into it, though it was with a lot of trial and error. If we think we are going to be gone longer then we make sure we have the nappy bag in the car stocked up so that we can get what we need, if and when needed. Oh we also put his lunch into this bag if we are going to be gone for lunch. As for the bottle depending on how long you are going to be gone for wrap the bottle in a damp cold washer and place in a plastic freezer bag, we do this and haven't had a problem. We also fill his bottle at the last minute so that we know it is fresh and cold. Otherwise you can buy bottle holders from most major supermarkets etc. Good Luck with beating the cursed nappy bag.

1 wonderful boy 6 and another on the way

Thanks everyone for your help. My son suffers from reflux but not like he once did. I use to carry a few extra out fits along with a heap of cloth nappies just to clean the mess! Then the dribbles started. I just knew there had to be some way of getting around all this. I am so over my huge nappy bag. Wish me luck!
one last point on the enormous nappy bag - I find the easiest way to carry milk is to buy the small (200ml) UHT cartons. Easy to open and pour into the bottle and you always have milk handy without worrying about keeping it cold/hot

Kate WA

Hi Janeen. I was wondering if you're interested in keeping in touch via email? If you are my email address is [email protected] I actually have it open all day at work so am free to get back in touch with you. Look forward to hearing from you
Hi Janeen
I had to have a good laugh at this post as it so sounds like me.
Ever since my son Jessie was born i have also carried around a huge nappy bag filled with all the essentials and every time i have tried emptying it out it has only lasted a few hours before it is all put back in again.
Im told its first time mother syndrome and apparantly its real commona moung first time mums. I do not have transport and have to walk around everywhere so of course it has my stuff in it as well - wallet, keys cell phone etc. One day the my plunket nurse picked it up and dropped it again (had to laugh at this) she was so shocked by how heavy it was and asked the normal "what on earth do you have in this bag".
I still carry it around with just as much stuff in it but im trying to slowly empty it out as jessie gets older hes 18 months now and im pleased to say if im just going out for a hour or less i do take his small bob the builder bag with just a nappy, bib, bottle, wipes and a snack and of course a spare dummy.
As for the milk i used to use formula and i got a special container that has 3 sections in it and you just put one feed into each section and i carried 3 bottles with boiled water in them so all i had to do was add the power when needed and we had a bottle and didnt have to worry about it going off but now that he is on soya milk I have to carry that around with me so I always make sure the milk comes straight from the fridge so its nice and cold and i put it into a babies chiller bag which fits into my nappy bag nicely. these are really cheep and you can get them almost anywhere i een found one in my local supermarket which suprised me, anyay i hope this is of some help to you.
oh baby bags, what a pain in the butt!! lol

when the day finally came to give up my loyal handbag for the wonderfull nappy bag - which was always full of suprises! was the worst part , to go from my little bag to that big bulky bag, my god i wish babies didnt need so much crap. well on a high note my darling little 18month old has finally out grown the need for a constant supply of nappies, spare clthes bibs, bottles, blankets, ect...... and i have finally got my handbag back! with a slight change of contents might i add. i can fit 3 nappies, a huggies change mat, pk of wipes, my wallet, a rolled up pelican bib (a must) and of course a sml snack and drink - all in my old bag!! and if she wants to take a toy she has to be able to carry it or it stays in the car!! (as she has blanky bear- not much else comes with us) and i keep a blanket/sheet in the bottom of the pram just incase we need to cover her if it is cool, other than that if it aint in the bag too bad!!! - oh we have too bags, mummy hand bag - for when we are together and her daycare bag (a tiny bit bigger ) for daycare and trips to grandmas with out mum! its great!
no more heavy bulky nappy bags! - how ever long that lasts is another thing - as we are ttcing !lol

Sarah,QLD, dd- 8-8-03 and ds 15-12-05

I managed to change to a smaller nappy bag fairly easily. I finally realised that I didn't need the huge amount of nappies etc I was carrying around. Most of the time when I go out, it is for a couple of hours at a time, and 3-4 nappies, wipes in a ziplock bag, a couple of nappy sacks and a spare change of clothes and snacks/drinks. On the milk, I often buy the small tetra-packs of full cream UHT milk, as these don't need refrigeration until you open them and at 200ml per 'carton', it's small enough to fit a couple in the bag.

James' Mum

I find the best way to go with the milk when we are going out is to buy the toddler formula and use the sectioned off container so that I can make it up fresh on the go. I just hate the idea of feeding my son milk that has been sitting around in the bag.

Heather, Mum to Aidan (age 1)

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