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Help I need a nights sleep. Lock Rss

My daughter will be three in June and she still wont sleep throught he night. She gets up at least once sometimes twice or three times wanting a bottle (which we still havent managed to rid) I work fulltime and really feel the effects of an interupted sleep. Lately she has been wanting me sit with her while she drinks her bottle, ussually she has her bottle while I go back to bed and she drifts off before she finishes it. I could really do with some suggestions on how to get her to sleep through and to get rid of her bottle...................

Hey there, Firstly let me say congratulations for (seemingly) not turning into a homocidal maniac through sleep deprevation.
I hope that over easter you have a partner or family about so you can get some well deserved catch up kips.

It sounds like it might be time to get a bit firm with her. Maybe explain that the bottles in the night are finished now she's a big girl. You could replace them with water and hope she gets bored of that. She may have a few nights of tantrums, but hopefully the message will start to get through that nights are for sleeping. I dont know what state you are in. In Melbourne there is a day stay sleep school Called Tweddle ( do a search on the net for them) which will offer a range of help from professional advice to overnight stays with their service to address the problem. It depends on your parenting philosophy how useful you will find them.
The supernanny repeatedly puts them back to bed if they get up (this is a really simplistic way of summarising her methods - maybe the next respondee will sum her up better!). Ask your MCH nurse for advice. Regardless of how you tackle it be aware that children are initially resistive to change; so its likely there'll be a few rough nights before things start to improve. Just remind yourself how much happier everyone will be when you've all slept well. Its really tough in the middle of the night to be resilient on your own. Do you have a supportive partner? If not maybe a relative or friend who might come over for a night or two to help. I hope I havnt gone on too much. I remember what the lack of a good nights sleep was like and hope things improve.

Narelle, Melbourne, 4 yr old and 18mth old boys

Oh I really feel for you 3 years and no sleep must be extreamly tireing.
I think the best way to approach it is to go cold turkey and to stop all bottles. You need to find a time when you are feeling strong as concistancy is so important. I am a fan of the supper nanny method which as someone has already said involves putting the child back in bed every time they come out. While putting them back its important that you don't give them too much attention just say " it's bed time" and put them back. Your daughter will scream but if you are concistant it should only take a few days for her to relise it doesn't work.
Another thing I always find helpfull is a reward chart. Start off with a reward for every night she goes with out a bottle then change it to every second and if she can go a week with out a bottle the reward might be something larger like a toy.

Good luck I hope you get some sleep soon.
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