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out and about Lock Rss

Hi, just wondering what other parents do when out and about and their child has a tantrum?
Hi there Christine
Don't know how much help I'll be as James doesn't throw too many tantrums in public (mostly throws them at home - yah). Usually its because he wants something that I won't allow him to have (like chocolate at the supermarket or toy cars etc). So mostly, I tell him once or twice to be quiet (trying to be as firm as possible) and then ignore him. Usually at the supermarket, I go prepared with a drink and snacks for him as this will distract him (at least temporarily).

James' Mum

Hi, My son has trantrums at the shops, but not at home because he gets time-out which works really well. I try to avoid trantrums when we're out by doing what I need to do as soon as we get there ie. medicare, bank etc. then as soon as that's out of the way, I tend to browse at different shops like Target etc. I find that he is at his best when we first arrive so it's easier to get things done then. As soon as he throws a trantrum for not getting his way, mainly wanting toys or chocolates, I give him a warning that if he continues to misbehave and not "listen to mummy" we go home. Must say that it doesn't works at times but it probably works 8/10 times.

Mum to Bub

well i treat her just like shes been treated at home. its no differnce. i threatner her with the naughty corner if she doesnt behave and she doesnt do it anymore. i believe they still have to respect u even if they are out and listen to what is being said. but at the same time they can have fun.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

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