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Sick, sick and sick AGAIN!! Lock Rss

Hi Everyone.

I have a 2.5 yr old girl and a 1 yr old boy. I am just wondering why they are always sick...does anyone else have this problem??

My son had diahorea about 2 weeks ago that lasted for 10 days, then on Sunday he vomited all night and now he has a cold and diahorea again!!

My daughter isnt so bad but has been vomiting and had diahorea also.

It just never seems to end. They are both good eaters and I am just wondering if a dose of vitamins would help. Does anyone else give vitamins to their children and if so, what???
My little boy would constantly get colds. He doesn't eat bad foods but it is a struggle to get him to eat fruit and veg nowadays. I started him on vitamins and he hardly ever gets a cold now and if he does it's of shorter duration. We use Kidscare chewable multivitamins from Woolies but my kids are older. If you go to the chemist you should be able to get vitamins in drops/liquid form for your little one. I still encourage my children to eat healthily but it just gives him that little bit that he is missing out on.
Hi There
I have a 2.5 year old boy who only occasionally gets sick. I don't give him vitamins as such but he still gets a little toddler formula (mixed in with his brekky cereal and yoghurt usually) and it has something called bifidus in it. Bifidus is supposed to be good as it helps the gut keep a good supply of the "good" bugs (that in turn help fight the "bad" bugs). I guess when he goes off the formula for good (which will be soon) I will see if he starts getting sicker or more often, and if so will investigate the vitamin angle. I do have a friend who was giving her kids vitamins and they were pretty healthy (until she stopped giving them the vitamins - hence she restarted giving them). So I guess I'm not much help, but anyway....... :-}

James' Mum

i dont give my daughter any vitamins. what kind of foods does your chidren eat? it could be something they eat that doesnt agree with them. maybe do some investigating and find out whats making them sick. Do they go to childcare? There could be a number of reasons why they get sick. are they on formular or cows milk. maybe its the milk they are drinking? as i said just investigate what the cause is and u will soon find out. good luck.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

Totally know what you are going through. My little boy is 16 months old and constantly gets colds. He had one at 4 months and i spent numerous nights trying to help him breathe. That was through last winter. He was fine through summer but now that winter has come again he has got another cold. I have been to a doctor, naturapath and peteatrician about him and they all say it is just normal but i don thtink it is normal. I do everything all he eats is healthy food but nothing helps. I have even gone to anibiotics and as soon as he is off them it comes back. I guess it is just unlucky but be glad to know that you are definately not alone. I think im going to loose my job this winter if he is the same again.

Kindy & BJ
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