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Facial scarring Lock Rss

My 3yr old daughter tripped at a playground ending up with a deep cut from the bottom lip to the bottom of her chin - a clean straight line. Now the scabs have fallen off she'e left with a thin pink scar. I'm wondering what I can do to help this heal and leave a minimal scar. Would appreciate any thoughts at all. I've so far only been recommended Elastoplast Scar Reduction plasters - not sure how they're work for 8-10 weeks on a toddler!
Try rubbing vitamin e oil into as often as you can. My mum did this for me when I was younger and had a nasty scar on my shoulder from being hit by a car, I know longer even have a scar. She used to buy the capsules and break them open.

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I recently went to a nutrimetics party and was told that their nutri-rich oil is good for things like that, apparently even for stretchmarks.
I had a mole removed from my face and the plastic surgeon that did this recommended Banana Boat Vitiamin E gel. I sure the oil capsules would work the same. You can't see the scar.

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Yes vitamin E capsules put on twice a day for 3 weeks worked when my boy cut his forehead on some furniture. his scar is nearly completely gone. just a very thin pale white line is left. I always put on his little turtle hat now though. I dont want more scars.

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