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My almost 2yo has had a pretty red, bad, nappy rash around her front for the past week or so. We smother it in zinc/castor oil cream, Sudocream, Curash, etc., but it's not going away. Have also tried no nappy time and I don't use soap down there during baths. Can anyone suggest any other good creams?

Angela, NSW

I really like Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream, and a lot of the mums on the site seem to swear by Ungvita. If the rash is new and not responding to treatment, it could be time to get the doctor to take a look though. You could end up spending a lot on creams that don't work to find out it's an infection, or an allergic reaction
Good luck

Rachelle, NZ, son George 10.12.02, Ian 15.06.04

Take her to your doctor as it could be a form of thrush.
Hello cookyboy 12, have you tried corn flour from your pantry? The other cream we found was great was Daktozin which you get from the chemist. You have to keep using this for 7 days even if the rash is cleared.
As sable was saying our son recently had a nasty one on his bottom. We were blaming day care and thinking they were not changing his nappies or using any cream. But it turned out due to his constant antibiotics from his ear infections he had thrush in his system. It was explained to us that it can sit in their gut which can give them really smelly poos and a nasty nappy rash(as you know nappy rash is a fungal infection a form of thrush). We put him on Symbiotique which is a freeze dried probiotics which puts the good bacteria back into his system. Mind you its not cheap a bottle 60gram net $32.00, but it seems to help with the smell and the nasty rash. I am not saying this is what you need to do but just mentioning it in case there is anyone else in the same position as us who may read this post. Good luck!
My 2 year old recently had a bad nappy rash around her front which was not responding to the usual creams, when a chemist suggested that maybe it was a fungal infection (thrush) and advised using Daktozin - an over the counter nappy rash/fungal cream. In a couple of days the rash was gone.

mum to 2 girls

Hi Angela,

Try Canestan from the Chemist. It if for fungal infections and is always my last resort for bad nappy rashes. It works great and very quick. It is about $10.00 for a medium size tube, but well worth it!

Good luck,


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i swear by dactozin, its a paste, so it doesnt wipe off easinly when the nappy is replaced, and you will see effects within a day.

Kristi 5 kids.

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