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Trying to get rid of Dummy Lock Rss

Hi my son is 3 in January and i am also due to have a baby in January as well. He still has his dummy alot he has to have it when he goes to bed and i cant take it from him he is really chucking tantrums. He goes to child care and no ther kids have them so i thought it would make things easier which during the day at child care he rarely has it except for when he goes for a sleep. But at home he wants it all the time. Not sure what to do it is such a comfort thing for him and he also has a security blanket where he cant have one with out the other.

Please Help

Danielle, Vic
Hi Danielle

My son is nearly 3 and we have been without dummy for almost 2 months. Connor was chewing on his dummies and breaking heaps of them. One night he broke the last one (we always had 6 or more in the fridge) and we told him that there was no more and that he was a big boy now, and big boys don't have dummies. My husband told him that if he didn't have a dummy that daddy would go and buy him a bike (we were thinking that it may be time to get one anyway). The first couple of days were hard especially the sleep in the day but we soon replaced the dummy with patting him to sleep which we gradually stopped. He now goes to sleep all by himself and doesn't even look for a dummy. This doesn't mean that there weren't nights that my husband nearly went out and bought another dummy.

We had a really good book about dummies that Connor loved to have his dad read at bedtime called "Where's Dummy" by Kate Simpson, and its about this little wombat who looks for his dummy and then finds it but it's yucky and a bird comes and takes it away. Connor still loves this book..

Good luck.... persistence seems to be the key.

Tarnya, SA, mum to Connor nearly 3

Hi! My Daughter is 19mths and had a dummy that was her practically her life support!! Her Dad and I took her out of a cot and moved her to a big girls bed and explained that she was getting older now and not a baby. Once she was comfortable with sleeping in a big bed we got her a fish lamp - a lamp with water and plastic fish that float around via the bubble vents (About $15), for her to watch and fall asleep to instead of having dummy.

As she goes to day care, we also bought her a bracelet with a fish charm on it ( can be any trinket piece) so she can still have her fishys when she doesn't sleep at home.

Of course there were still a few tantrum nights, but it all seems to be going ok
Hi Danielle

The only way I could get rid of Ryan's dummy was cold turkey.

The older they get the harder it is I think. It has been coming up 4 weeks since I got Ryan to give his to the garbage man (cause he loves the garbage truck but even that took a lot of convincing) and it is only in the last week he seems to have forgotten about it all together. It also made him fight nap and bedtime for a couple of weeks casue he would love going to bed with his dummy.

On the whole though I am glad it has gone and he has started talking a whole lot more now it has gone.

Good luck

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

My daughter hasn't had a dummy for the last 8 or so months, she will be three in June, We were going to leave it out for Santa or the Easter bunny to take and give to another little girl or boy or really needed it, but that didn't happen. She was chewing them until she broke through and I told her I didn't have another one and she threw it away herself. Whenever she asked for it I told her that she threw it away and she remembered and was content with it being gone. Good luck!!
my daughter had a dummy till she was 18 months old. we just decided to put it away when she didnt have it on her and wasnt looking. she didnt even notice it wasnt there probably because she also had something else to keep her occupied. she had a security blanket also. it might take a few days for him to settle down without the dummy . I didnt do anything special just gave her a favourte toy and her blanket . all she has now is her pussy cat. took the blanket off her. ever since she doesnt have the dummy or blanket she goes to bet everynight with no trouble at fact she loves going to bed. which is great.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

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