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Constipation Lock Rss

Please help me! My 2yr old son suffers dreadfully from constipation. We started to toilet train a few weeks ago and he would go number 1's no problem on the toilet, however he wouldn't do number 2's, not even in his nappy. I suspected he was holding it in and this caused constipation. Then, this week he got sick with ear infections and had to go on antibiotics and 5 days later he is grumpy and squirmy and rocks and jigs and he still hasn't done a poo. I'm at the end of my rope with what to do in this situation. Can anyone help?


is his tummy getting hard? is not dont worry if so there is something called duphalat which is a natural safe over hte counter laxitive it is pretty much pure sugar sort of thing it works after a few days and it is safe my daughter was on it for almost a year from birth till a year old. what medication was he put on?
Hi, He was put on Keflex antibiotics. I have tried Coloxyl drops which sounds as if they are similar to what you are suggesting but they don't seem to work either. The cases i mentioned are just in the last couple of weeks, however he has had several bouts before this. When he had Weetbix everyday for breakfast he was regular as clockwork, but now he has decided he doesn't like it so???? He had a terrible day the other day, he was exhausted and just really in pain, i had to fight the tears cause i just didn't know what to do to help him. I need a more long term thing that will make him regular again, he doesn't like Weetbix and with Metamucil he is too young for this. Any suggestions?


Hi there, Neena has suffered constipation when i first started her on solids, so much that she had to have 2 enema's but the doctor was the one who told me to get them done, no health sister or anyone else would say to do them causeshe was just so young. If you've tried everything like prune juice or mashed prunes in his food(like in yoghurt or even ice cream!), heaps and heaps of water and all the chemist remedies you might have to go to the doctor or a dietition, thats what happened with us,
Good Luck, keep us posted!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

hi there
is your two year old son still constipated. i have a two year old daughter who has been constipated since birth. I have every drop and medicine that you can buy over the counter and nothing worked. about a month ago i went to see a peadiatriction and he put me on PARACHOC which is a choc flavoured liquid and 5 drops of DUROLAX SP these have worked like a treat. her constipation is really bad to the point of bleeding, she also holds it in cause she knows it will hurt which doesn't help. she still runs around poking her bum out until she goes but at least there is no blood and i know that its not hurting her anymore. if there is anyone else out there who children have constipation let me know.
thanks kristie
Dakoda 2 years old and Indiana 10 weeks
I understand completely what you're going through. My 2yr old daughter has been suffering from constipation really badly for months now. She'll go 3-5 days between poos and gets so grumpy! When she does finally poo it is so hard and she's basically screaming as she passes it. It's so bloody awful to watch and know that I can do nothing to help her.

She had an endoscopy about 3 weeks ago to try and find out the reason she vomits (a WHOLE different issue!) and I discussed this with her gastroenterologist who suggested giving her parachoc to soften the poo so it wouldn't hurt to pass it. It didn't seem to make much of a difference at all but I was talking to our peadiatrician about this today and she suggested giving her senokot aswell as the parachoc. Apparently its in a powder form and start off giving her a quarter of a teaspoon mixed with milk, weetbix, or whatever she'll eat and adjust accordingly from there. The parachoc is supposed to soften the poo but the senokot will actually work as a bowel stimulant to help get the poo out!

Hope this helps, its an awful thing to watch!

Jen, Qld, 06/03 girl & 04/05 boy

hi there i have a little girl 16 months old and have had trouble with constipation from 6 months sometimes to the point where she bleeds but not all the time. She always ends up going but with a effort she grunts and moans but not like she's in pain and her stools are always pellet like and very hard i have often used coloxyn drops which help for a little while then she goes back to doing the same thing i'm worried but i ask people for advice and they seem to think its not a big deal. I just don't know what to do anymore she doesn't ever seem to be in discomfort or pain but she never is she is always happy even when teething if anyone has any ideas please let me know thanks heaps vicky.
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