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I am wondering if anyone has found a solution for dribble stains on tops. My son constantly dribbles, and everything is turning yellow! I have tried the various sprays (Sard, Friend), soaking in nappy stuff doesn't help. We have another baby due end of June, and it would be nice if the hand-me-downs aren't so obviously well used!

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A lot of y mothers group friends find that white king for colours works extreemly well, especially if you leave it overnite in hot water!
Give it a go if you like, good luck!
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Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

I know how you feel, alot of Aimees clothes from when she was younger are stained from when she was younger, I was told its from the formula, you could try that new napisan oxyaction from TV.

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My son dribbles lots too, and what we have done is kept a bib on his most of the time! I go thru stacks of bibs, but at least his clothes are still reasonably clean. I also keep a bucket of water with Napisan in it, to throw all the bibs in, and wash daily or every second day.


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I have found with nappy san and products like that to be a bit more generous with the amount you use and leave items soaking all day and night if possible. Just make sure you rinse the items you soak extra well. Hope this helps a little. smile
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