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My good friend is getting married and she has asked for Maya to be flower girl on her big day!! I'm really flattered and excited but am also scared, Maya will only be 18 months old and I'm worried that she will create a scene! I think my friend wants her to walk up the aisle holding her sons hand (same age) but I'm not sure she will be up to the task. Has any one had experience with young kids in weddings??

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Hi, my son was asked to be in a wedding, he was two and we had to travel to Darwin for it. (we live in Adelaide) I said that it was fine as long as they didn't expect to much!! he was great! we had the rehearsal the day before were he meet everyone and felt comfortable with the situation and the people. We also promised him a special suprise that he could get if he was a 'good boy'. He loved the experience, the only thing we did do, is kept him behind for the photo's. They had photos of him before the wedding, during and at the church after. So he stayed with us while they went off to do the other photos.

I had a little flower girl at my wedding she was 18months old, she got half way down the isle stopped looked around starting screaming and ran back to her mum!! It was really funny and cute and broke the ice so to speak. People still talk about it today.

I think it's completely up to you. Friends of our asked my daughter to be a flower girl at thier wedding. She would have been 20 months old at the time and had been walking from 11 months, so walking wasn't an issue. We declined though because the wedding was at 11am, which was her sleep time, and we didn't want her to be tired and grumpy for the service or photos either. We had a flower girl at our wedding but she was 6, and other friends have have younger flower girls. But at the end of the day you know your child and what they're capable of- you know if they like attention/strangers/photos, have the confidence to walk down the isle without you, and how they are without sleep/close to sleep time...having said that children are children and even with the perfect conditions your friend needs to be aware that anything can happen on the day- more so when children are involved.

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