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My 2 year old girl has hit the tantrum stage now and I've been to hell and back. But the thing that helped put things into perspective for me was actually reading about everyone else's problems and how they managed it or even if they didn't. But it just reminded me that I am not alone and what my girl was doing was "normal". It helped me to get a realistic grip of the situation and yeah she got a little "spank" (although I'm not sure if it would have even killed a mossie) but at the appropriate time, not once the hollocast had already begun. She still carries on when she needs a nappy (but it's getting less) but at least it goes on without a physical fight. Thank you Mums for helping ME calm down and REGAIN CONTROL (most of the time)
I agree having this exchange is making you realize everyone goes through difficult stages and shows you your not alone. My son is just starting to come out of the tantrums slowly now awaiting on my second son to begin them(I have to laugh its a cycle to look forward to), at least I now know what to expect..

amy,vic,3 year old & 1 year old

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