My almost 2 yr old loves her milk. Last Wed/Thurs she got a runny nose/high temp. virus and my hubby and I first thought it was due to the fact that her two upper molars were cutting. But then she began vomiting, so we cut back on her dairy. We thought yesterday (and this morning which is Sun) that she was better because there didn't seem to be any more high temps or spews. We gave her the usual cup of milk with her brekky this morning, then let her sit next to us on the lounge between us while we ate our bacon and eggs. Within minutes she threw up her brekky and needless to say there went my appetite! She had another high temp (38.6) tonight and we got it down with panadol and lukewarm bath. Is this some kind of prolonged virus or has her stomach become intolerable to cow's milk?