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My 2 yr old girl has just reached that tantrum stage and they are huge and long. We are doing our best to ignore them, but don't know what to do when she won't let us put a nappy on (physical impossibility) for bed time. Not ready to be toilet trained for bedtimes as she has never had a dry nappy at sleeps. Electrical tape wrapped around the nappy (if we DO manage to get a nappy on) doesn't work anymore.

From parents tired of washing "wee" bedsheets.

I have a 22 month old girl, who wentered the "Terrible two" about 2 months ago. Her tantrums are strong, she uses her whole body and contorts her face when she is in the middle of a tantrum.

Too be honest, I ignore it, even if we are having sweets at the local cafe.

If I am at home, and it happens, I leave her and go and do some domestic work.

If I am out and it happens, I leave her and just stand over and watch her.

She knows it doesn't get her very far, and usually 5 mins later, she runs to me for a hug, if she is not willing to run to me, I leave her alone to cool down.

About nappies .... my little one does this now an then, what I do is let her walk around bare bummed, let her get in a relaxed state, play some games with a spare nappy, and then when she is happy and relaxed, put a fresh nappy on.

This works for me, I hope it works for you.

to help with changing time give her a ball of sticky tape ie get some sticky tape and roll it up as a ball she will be busy tying to transfer ot from one hand to the other so it may help distract her so u can change the bum

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

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