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Rash around toddlers mouth Lock Rss

Hi guys - looking for advice again!
Our 16 month old has developed a rash around her mouth. She has had it on and off for around 4 months, but it is progressively getting worse. It doesn't appear to be related to a food allergy. We actually took her to the doctor around 5 weeks ago, and he believes it is related to cradle cap - something she did have as a small bub. He has recommended Dermaid 1% strength, which initially improved it, but even using it 3 times a day, the rash remains. We did take her back after 2 weeks, when we believed it hadn't cured it, but the doctor says it comes in cycles, and she will eventually grow out of it.
Has anyone else experienced this problem? Did you find a better cream to use?
It is only around her mouth, nowhere else - plus it must be a little uncomfortable for her, but she seems happy enough. We were wondering whether it's because she sleeps on her tummy, and perhaps in the summer months she perspires more so it may be related to that, perhaps?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. We just don't feel happy putting the Dermaid on 3 times a day if it isn't helping, plus we're not happy using it long term. Thanks heaps!!

Kim and Lia Tas

Hi there,

I can't fully relate to your situation, but I have an almost 16 month old daughter who I have found finds comfort sucking on a bottle while she is teething... her big molars are coming through! She tends to dribble a little and gets quite wet around the mouth. This then leads to a rash around her mouth, red and patchy. I have found the best way to deal with this has been to try and keep the area as clean and dry as possible. I also apply Ungvita - vitamin A ointment to her skin to help repair the damage. The rash goes away and comes back sometimes, but being persistent helps keep it under comtrol.

Any way I thought this might give you a few ideas...

Our little boy had a rash around his mouth, but I don't think it sounds the same, as I believe it was related to an orange cordial that I bought. We were told that we should put vaseline on it as the drool was not letting it get dry to heal. It took a couple of days but it eventually went away.

My daughter had a rash around her mouth for a couple of months when she was about 2. I have no idea what caused it, but I took her to the chemist & they recommended a cream called Hydrozole (also great for bad nappy rash!!). This seemed to clar it up. Hope this helps you.

Michelle - Mum to 2

Thank you to everyone who has replied to our problem. We ended up being referred to a paediatrician who sent her for blood tests for food intolerances etc, and they came back clear. We then went to another doctor who did the 'skin prick' tests for general allergies to dust mite etc, and that also came back clear. She was insistent that it would be a food intolerance and that she should be put on a food elimination diet. It looked horrendous for anyone, let alone a little person. Hardly a vegetable, meat could only be microwaved or poached, no fruit except pear, etc. Anyway, we were lucky enough to get into our only skin specialist (who normally has a 3month waiting period) the very next day (extremely lucky!!). He has diagnosed it as perioral dermatitis, which when looked up on the internet, is exactly what it looks like! She'll be on a course of a lovely pink medicine twice a day for the next couple of months, and that should hopefully clear it completely!! We were told not to expect much in the way of results for a couple of weeks, but already in 5-6 days she looks much better. Just pays to look into everything when they get something, I suppose. Once again, thanks to those who replied!!

Kim and Lia Tas

is she strill on the elimated diet?
thats what my babies are on and have been on for the last 9mths and they have to stay on most of it because they arnt reacting now they are on it it is really hard for the diet but my twins are no long as bad health as they were. the RPA hosptail in sydney put them on it and it has worked well. i hate it but there better off on it if it works for them and if thats what it is.
if your child is still on it does she need to have no dairy aswall its really hard when they are on rice milk instead its more expensive also the wheat facture how they cant have a sandwich other then if it rice crackers but we have worked out my babies can have the wheat and pretty much nothing else that but the pear jam reciepe that they give you is nice and so is the butter stuff that they have written done
something like nutget its good by itself i cant remember what it is called but i remeber what it looks like its ina white container its that instead of butter or margirine
anwyay have gotta run hope it all works oiut for you
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