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I have a 16mth old boy that was getting alot of really bad ear infections where he would get the discharge come out etc, he had 3 infections last year from 8 weeks old and now this winter he has had another 4 infections, so we got referred to a ENT Specialist, where we went today and he confirmed my son has "Glue Ear" and will need to go in for surgery to have grommits put in.

We have been given some reading material on it all and we go back next week to talk about the surgery etc, but I would love to hear from others where your children have had Glue Ear and then Grommits and your experiences with it all, as at the moment it seems so much to take in what they have told us even saying its a quick/easy procedure for the grommits to me its still an Operation and my boy is only 16mths at the moment so I'm finding it hard to take in at this point in time.

So would like to hear your experiences and how old your children were at the time etc.

Thank you and look forward to hearing your experiences with Glue Ear.


hi hayley,
my daughter had grommets inserted at 13months of age for re current ear infections and hearing loss. We found a huge difference right from the week they were put in. She would cry at loud noises and people singing happy birthday because she got so much of her hearing back. She also became more vocal saying more words. The only thing I didn't like was the going under, to have them inserted. The op only took ten minutes and we were in and out of the hospital in half a day, with panadol to go home with. They found she had glue ear and she did have a fair amount of discharge for a couple of days after.
She only had two infections with the grommetts but then started getting tonsilitis. She is now 27months and just had her tonsils and adernoids out five weeks ago. They took her grommets out, while she was under, as they we nearly falling out and did not reinsert them. Fingers crossed she won't need them again. I would say they had a huge positive, but the only neg is that they grow out sometimes just 6months after and anywhere up to a couple of years, so it is not uncommon to have them put in 3 times. Hope this helps you.

Vanessa 2 dd's Taliah 3yrs and Kiarna 10mths

My son had glue ear last winter after a string of ear infections. I was very lucky to have been referred to and excellent specialist who didn't belive in putting gromets in straight away. They gave him a hearing test and it showed that his hearing too had been affected, but the Dr wanted to try less intrusive methods first. He put him on a course of anti-biotics for a couple of months to see if the glue would clear on it's own.

Luckily the glue ear did clear with this treatment and my son didn't have to have gromets. It may be worth getting a second opinion. A friend of mine took her son to a different specialist and after only one ear infection and slight glue ear he put gromets in. She has since had nothing but problems with them and her son continually gets ear infections now.

Eventually after other methods have been tried to clear the glue ear, of course gromets would be the best option for your child, but from my experience it paid off trying the least intrusive methods first.

Hope this helps!

Mum to Aiden John (born - 1st September 2003)

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