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How to get almost 2 yr old to eat??????????????? Lock Rss

hi mums

My son is almost 2 and ever since he got really sick and ended up in Hospital he has not eaten a meal.
He always used to eat his veggies and fruit but know, he won't even taste it.
He did start to lose alot of wait so I put him back on formula.
If anybody has any sujestions at all please let me know.
All that he eats is Breakfast cereal (cocopops, fruit loops) and rice cakes.
I don't want to be unhealthy I just want him to eat.

Mel mother of 1 (20mths)

mel, qld, tristan 4

Hi Mel,
You don't say how long ago you son was sick, but maybe you could try what my sister-in-law a few weeks ago when her son got sick and stopped eating due to severe vomiting. Once he got better, she still had trouble getting him to eat, so she started making his food attractive. (he is 21 months old). She made him fairy bread, with lots of sprinkles for lunch, and just left them on his special table. He kept coming back and looking at them, and after about 30 minutes he ate them. She didn't make a fuss about him eating, just ignored him. She also did the same thing for dinner, but with finger foods that didn't make a mess when he ate them on his own. Within a few days, he was eating normal meals again. I don't know to what extent you son was sick, or what the illness was, but maybe this could be worth a try. Let me know how you go.

Mother of 3, Qld

Thanks for your reply.
My son was sick just before he turned one (9mths ago). He was in hospital for a few days with really bad asthma. he has tried fairy bread but only ate the sprinkles off it. I have even tried putting sprinkles on his food but he only ate the sprinkles not the rest.
If I get him to try something he will shut his mouth and not let anything in or spit it back at me.
Mel mother of 1 (20mths)

mel, qld, tristan 4

My son is 22 months old and used to eat like an angel! all his fruit, all his meat and vegies.. now things have changed dramatically! He also had several bouts of sickness and when he was about 18 months old he went off his bottle/milk altogether and hasn't had a bottle since. He will from time to time drink milk from his sippy cup but it has to have a little chocolate topping in it! he still eats fruit, but not vegies under any circumsances, he is going through a really independant stage and wants to feet himself. What I have learnt to do is not to make a fuss if he wont eat, as this just makes a drama out of the whole event which he remembers. I just keep offering him a few of the things he likes with a few of the things he doesn't like, but if he doesn't eat them I don't worry. He takes a good multivitamin every day which goes into his fruit juice. My advice would be to just keep offering him healthy choices, but combine them with some of the things he does like. My son is really into soft boiled eggs and toast at the moment and if he askes for that for dinner, I just give it to him!
Sorry Boogie to jump on your post but I have been trying to get in touch with Darlene for a while. DARLENE If you are still out there I would love to know how you are going with your sons ear problems?? Do they still exists? Are you still seeing the Homeopath?Thanks
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