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1st tooth 14 months - then 4 in 1 week. Lock Rss

My little girl finally cut her 1st (and 2nd) teeth at exactly 14 months. One top and one bottom first, on the same day. She then cut the other 2 front teeth 5 and 6 days after. This meant that she completed her set of front teeth on Christmas Eve! Interesting because we were singing 'All I want for Christmas is my 2 front teeth'! Finally a wish that has come true!
A few days ago she cut her 5th tooth (that makes 5 in just under 2 weeks), it's a molar so it seems she's skiped the ones at either side of the front teeth. She's been in pain and not sleeping well but I think the hardest thing for her has been getting used to having these 'things' in her mouth! It must be strange to be so old before a change like this happens.
I am wondering if anyone else out there has had teeth come late and, if so, have they all come at once?
I'm also waiting for hair - maybe next Christmas?

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Lucy's Mum

My daughter 14.5 months has 1.5 teeth but she has a head full of hair which I can put in ponytails on the top.We are just waiting for teeth.

My little girl is similar, she got her first 2 (bottom)teeth at 12 months then her top fangs the next week and we are still waiting for the rest!! I feel for her because she has these new teeth and wants to use them but has to put all her food in her mouth on the side!! Now we can see the top front two ready to pop through abd i too find it strange that they seem to bang, bang, bang if your child teethes late... we are also waiting for hair! I have found out from friend that the hair tends to be curly if its late... i'd be interested to find out if this is the case for you!!! GOOD LUCK WITH THE TEETHING!!!!

Sarah,VIC 18mth daughter

My boy was born with a hair full of hair. That's the first thing the nurses said after he was delivered. His first tooth started to emerge at 3 months and finally came at 6 months. When he was 9 month, DS cut 3 teeth at once. The poor kid! His mouth was covered in coldsores (thanks to the old lady up the road kissing him after she had one). He also got a throat infection.

Currently, at 14 months DS is cutting 2 double teeth on the one side, both on his top gum. He is dribbling enough dribble to fill a lake.

DS has also had 5 haircuts!

So I think....don't worry about teeth or hair. They will all come when the are ready.

Best wishes
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