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any18 mth olds still breastfeeding? Lock Rss

I'm curious. How many others are still bf after 18 months and what experiences good and bad have you had?

I have just finished feeding my 20 month old sad and I am currently feeding a 3 month old.

I am a little sad that dd has finished feeding and was hoping she wouldn't finish so soon but at the same time I am happy that DS2 has 'exclusive access' - especially at night as I was finding it a bit tiring!
Did you find that people were surprised when they found out that you were still bf?
I think that when we eventually stop I willbe very sad too.

Hi i am still breast feeding and my son is 20 months old. i would like to stop but i do now know how without going cold turkey. A lot of people tell me i should have stopped by now including my mchn. but my son never drank from a bottle or had formula, but he does drink cows milk.
what do you guys think

seth and mia

I breastfeed my daughter til she was 15 months old and when we stop breastfeeding I felt abit sad cause I wasnt going to have that alone time between us but I think that you should give up when you are ready not when other people tell you too.

Tegan if you want to stop breatfeeding than give me a cup of cows milk and he will slowly give the boob.

Well done to all the mums.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi Tegan,
I'm not exactly qualified to answer here, my dd is almost 14 moths old. I am still b/feeding though. I have found that she loves cows milk and some nights when she is teething or just fussy and won't stop comfort feeding I will give her a bottle of warm cows milk. This will often get her off to sleep. So maybe you could try that as a substitute at bed time and see how he goes. But I don't think you should stop because someone else says so. If you and ds aren't ready then why should you stop??
Well thats my cents worth
Good luck with your decision smile

Mum to Charotte 13-03-06

Pls Don't take this the wrong way <

I love the fact that you guys could breast feed your bubs as I couldn't I am envious, but the is no reason to breastfeed your child after 12 motnhs as there is no nutritional benefit in it, I understand it's great alone time, but there are many other ways to do this **

Quite time read as story book and have cuddles before bed

Youe bub should atleast be dringking Toddler milk or cows milk out of a sippy cup by now

Break the chains mum's it's time to cut off the supply and give your body back to you.

Take care all Kirsten
Lasmonkey congrats on feeding your bub for this long, I'm breastfeeding my 13 month old and have no intentions of stopping. I have found the whole experience to be very rewarding and intend to keep feeding for as long as DS wants to. I haven't really come across anyone that has been negative about BF just a few people say when are you going to stop feeding him. I don't really know how to answer that because I don't know.

The World Health Organisation recommends that you breastfeed until at least the age of 2. WHO has a great website full of information regarding the benefits of extended breastfeeding. There is no need to introduce cows milk unless you want to.

I don't want to start a debate, that's just my 2 cents.
mumofharry - DS 27.03.06

mumofharry - DS 27.03.06

Hi sorry I know you didn't want to start a debate the the who website is for the eurpoean sector of out world: it recommends only to breastfeed after 2yrs if t he ir is a high significance of infectious diseases etc in the part of the country

Breastfeeding and

All infants should be exclusively breastfed from birth to about 6 months of age,
and at least for the first 4 months of life.

Cut from the WHO website:

Breastfeeding should preferably continue beyond the first year of life, and in
populations with high rates of infection continued breastfeeding throughout
the second year and longer is likely to benefit the infant.
IE: Persond living inthe Soviet republic and countries alike.

Any way sorryt o be a Pidantic person but

Hi Kirsten,
As I previously wrote my dd is almost 14 months and is still breast fed because there is no reason to stop. She is happy an healthy and doing all the things a little girl of her age shoud be. She eats almost everything, drinks cows milk from a sippy cup and we cuddle and read books before bed too.
I just wanted to add this excerpt from the Australian Breastfeeding Association (ABA)

"Breastmilk contains all the nutrients your baby needs for at least the first six months of his life and continues to be the most important part of his diet throughout the first year, supplying half or more of his nutrients till his first birthday and up to one third to his second birthday."

Why fork out for toddler formula when you can provide 1/3 of your LO's nutrients in breast milk for free?
Ofcourse everyones needs and opinions are different, I don't frown upon a newborn being fed formula and likewise I don't expect to be frowned upon for breastfeeding my 'over 1 year old'

Just adding some more to the debate, and I'm certainly not intending to cause arguments! smile

Mum to Charotte 13-03-06

Each to their own Kristen.

my dd is 18mths and still BF, as you said, sounds like you are jealous and envious. .smile .

DD 13/11/03 -DD 11.11.05 - DS 17.4.08

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