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running out of food ideas Lock Rss

Help! I'm running out of ideas on what to feed my 18 month old twins. They eat weetbix and toast for breakfast and maybe yoghurt.

lunch - our biggest problem. we used to feed them lasagne or casserole or steak but our CHN has told us to start them on sandwiches. They hate the spreads (jam, vegemite, peanut butter etc) but will eat avocado sandwiches and some times chicken sandwhiches. They hate cheese. I've tried giving them chicken nuggets - but they're not fussed. Tinned spag occasionally. They hate eggs.

dinner is usually lasagne, casserole etc. with fruit or yoghurt.

any suggestions would be great.


Hi Tulip,

I have twins as well and I can relate to your dilemma. I have tried the same types of food as you - we have also tried nutella on sandwiches, SAO biscuits, cruskits (I think they like the crunching sound). My boys hate cheese and eggs too. I did however try toasted cheese sandwiches and they were not too bad (not sure why the cheese was any more interesting for them). Sultanas, apples, bananas and a friend of mine suggested party pies and party sausage rolls (although I have not tried this yet).

My boys are currently into sandwiches with vegemite and peanut butter - although previously they never ate them. Hang in there, they change their minds overnight. I try and give them variety, but they keep coming back to the same foods. I guess if they are happy then I will just go with it.

Hope this helps.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

I make a pancake mix and add vegies, for a quick, easy healthy lunch. I also serve my 18mth old the no pastry quiche. He then has fruit or yoghurt. He doesnt' really like sandwices, picks the topping off.

My son goes to childcare 3 days, and they have noodles, fried rice, etc for lunch there.

What about some tuna or vegetable patties?
My little boy Jesse just loves his toasted sandwiches or home made pizzas on english muffins topped with lots of veges. Jesse will not eat chick nuggets either as for eggs he wont eat them but if i cook him bacon for breaky he will dunk bacon and toast in a runny egg yolk. for tea Jesse's absoulute fav food is beef spare ribs he loves to chew on the bones. hope this is of some help

Karen , Mum to Jesse 21/7/03, QLD

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