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age to feed themself with spoon/fork Lock Rss

Just wondering when your child started using a fork or spoon to feed themselves. My 'Mr Independent' just turned one and won't let me feed him anything using a fork or spoon as he wants to use his hands (or pull the food off the spoon or take the spoon from me). This is fine as he has been eating with his hands for six months but there are just some things that need to be eaten from a fork or spoon!

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Im in the same dilemma with my 16 month old boy. I show him most days how to use a forl or spoon and he is not interested. He would rather play with it in his mouth than use it to pick up food. Im sure one day he will decide that he is sick of using his hands.

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By letting them explore and mimic is the best way for them to learn, Miss 5 months is at the dinner table with us, and alternates between her hands and spoon/fork, even with mased potatoes etc, its messy but its also harmless, the more you force the more resistance they show to learn smile

Sharon, 24, Qld, 2 boys 3 & 5, girl 1.

I say let them go for it. Yes it's a bit messy but the sooner that they get the hang of it the better.

Hope all is well with you.

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Hi all,
I have found he doesn't care about eating/feeding himself off a fork or spoon so much now. He just wants to use his hands for every thing. he even tries to pull yoghurt off the spoon and eat it with his hands. I think he would be just as happy if I tipped all the yoghurt on the tray so he could lap it up like a dog or use his hands! Not the best of manners!! Maybe I need to just offer food which can be easily eaten with his hands.

My babies are all grown up sad

and i thought my son was not normal - sounds all good to me. i was worried that he would take the food off the spoon and put in mouth with hands, but i guess thats just what they do. i dont know tho if the experience with a 5 mth old is the same, at that stage i think they are still getting the hang of the pincer grip, and may not even be on finger food at all.

Isn't it wonderful that so many of us have these "artistic" and "independent" children! I wouldn't change for a neat eater for anything!

Do you all want to hear another shameful secret??

Well, my 15 month old boy not only ignores cutlery, but he also ignores the whole cup idea. Unless he's absolutely desperate, he can wait for the bottle thankyou very much...

I figure we'll be hosting a rather unusual 18th birthday celebration - finger food and champagne in baby bottles!

Thank God my son is normal. I have been worried for ages about the dining habits of Jack. Reading the above posts, he fits right in. At least they are all enjoying their food. I had a good laugh thinking about lapping up food straight from the tray as not only does my 13 month old do that, but given half a chance, he also laps the water from the dog's bowl. Yum yum! I've resorted to serving mainly chunky food that can be easily picked up. Hope this stage doesn't last too long as I'm very over the clean up - at least he's having fun.

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The weirdest thing happened this week - not only did Mr-about-to-turn-16-months sneer at the bottle and reach for a cup, but he also started to feed himself with the spoon! Just picked it up and started feeding himself everything with it. We couldn't believe it and had huge open mouths as we watched...

Of course he still hides unwanted food down the back of his chair, prefers to eat bits of food off the floor and snores loudly at night... so he's not completely perfect yet smile

Hi overseas mum,
Glad to hear he puts the unwanted food down the back of the chair and not in his pockets!!!! My husband apparently started doing this around the age of two so hopefully my son doesn't take after his dad!

My babies are all grown up sad

Absolutely noraml for for 1 and half year old not to feed with cutlery. You can at this stage introduce and offer it, some young ones do use it but no big deal. Fine motor control and hand eye coordination actually comes abit later so offer encourage is best you can do. They will do it when ready (closer to 18 - 20 months).
As far a little ones a concerned finger food is tha absolute ants pants - who wouldnt want the opportunity to finger paint all day smile

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I gave Jordan his own spoon to hold right from the start, and at 14 months he could feed himself pretty well with a spoon/fork.

He does go through stages though. One week it's the fork or nothing, the next it's fingers only, and the next it's the fork, but only if I feed him. When he goes through his fork stage, it's funny to watch him pick up food with his fingers, put it onto his fork/spoon, then eat it.

I don't mind the messy finger feeding episodes, even with stuff like yogurt...some of my favourite pics resulted from these experiences smile

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