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How to get rid of bottle and dummy? Rss

Does anyone have any advice on how to get rid of the bottle and dummy? My daughter is 2yrs & 1mth.

She trouble with having her bottle and dummy concerns me from a developing point of view.

When she goes to bed, she has her milk in the bottle and in bed - while holding her dummy until her milk is finished. Once her milk is finished, she immediately drinks her water (from a cup) and holds onto the cup all night.

Are there any tactics I can use to get rid of them both somehow? I want her to use the the cup tp drink her milk. How can I go about it? Please help!
well i have successfully gotten my 14mth old daughter off her bottle, but im still trying on the dummy. that seems much harder.
during the day i gave all her drinks in her sipper cup until she got used to drinking fromit, then when she was fine drinking from it i put her night time milk in the cup too. i give it too her bout 1/2hr -1hr b4 her bed time.she just drinks it then curls up and goes to sleep. she doesnt miss the bottle anymore. i will admit the first couple of nights were the hardest but if u stick in there, be tough, then it should work.
but ideas on the dummy, that im not too quite sure on. im just trying to ween her off it at the moment. only giving it too her when she goes to bed, and thats it. its going to be hard getting it off when she goes to sleep.

Leah and Zoe (2.10.2003)

Hi my 17mth old adaughter still has both and it's going to be alot harder getting her off the bottle. She goes to sleep with her bottle. The dunny is another story. She only has it at the moment to go to sleep, or if she is really upset. I am planning to give her dummy to the easter bunny/ santa to give to another little girl who really needs it. My mum did this when I was little and I never asked for it again. So i am going to give it a go. If anyone has any ideas on getting her off the bottle to get to sleep, so I can start thinking about getting her onto a cup.

Sorry I didn't read through my last post, it was supposed to be dummy not DUNNY.....
bout 1/2hr to an hr before she goes to bed try giving her milk to her in her cup so then she can drink it in her own time. my daughter used to fall asleep on her bottle too, but now i do this with her cup and she drinks it then cuddles up to u and eventually falls asleep. the first few nights were hard but just keep at it.

Leah and Zoe (2.10.2003)

When Aimee had a cold she had trouble breathing through her nose so I took her dummy away then and didnt metion it, she kept asking for it so I cut the top off and told her it was broken so she put it in teh rubbish and never asked for it again.
She still has a bottle at night before bed but never in bed and shes not allowed to walk around with it, she never drinks it all anymore but I think the sucking comforts her.
She will be 2 next month.

I think its best to give up one at a time so she doesnt get all of her comfort taken away at once.

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

i also have a two year old and i took his bottle away when he was 18 months old, i just took it away and gave him all his drinks in a sippy cup, he was a bit confused for the first couple of days but never once asked for his bottle and still hasnt to this day, my advice is to be strong and once you take it away, take it away for good otherwise you will just end up confusing your child. my son still has a dummy but it is strictly only for sleep time use now, he never gets offered it any other time and i only offer it to him after a certain time of him being in bed and not getting to sleep, he very rarely uses it at all most of the time when he does get it he only holds it and once he has dropped it i take it away for the night, i plan to get rid of it completely by the new year!
Hi, my son is 26 months old and he will only drink from a cup during the day. If you put a drink in the bottle during the day, he wont drink it till it is in a cup! But at night it HAS to be a bottle!!! I have tried to make him drink milk before bed, and he does, but once he is in bed, all he does is yell out Mummy Milk Pease!!! until I give up and get him another. One night I let him go and he went on for an hour!!! And the dummy, dont get me started! All the time Wheres my Dummy? !!! So, Im stuck for ideas!!! Might try the Santa trick, lol!
Can i ask how you got your daughter off the bottle? My 18mth old son wont go to sleep without it and its driving me crazy. any suggestions would be great.

Mum of two

I don't have any suggestions on the bottle as my 15 month old won't give hers up either!!!

The dummy I took from Jordyn at 12 months. She absolutely loved going to bed with the dummy. I put her in the cot one night, took the dummy from her, thru it in the bin so I wouldn't relent and then gave her a blanket that she has always loved. She curled up with the blanket and went to sleep with no dummy. She never gave me any grief by taking the dummy away from her which I was really suprised. She now has her blanket as a security I suppose.

Hope this helps

Hi Belinda,

Hope you are well!!! I know you are due in March '05 for bubby no. 2, how are you finding looking after Jordyn at the same time.

If you have a chance, give me a quick update via email, I'd love to catch up.

Kind Regards,
Sam (Jordan's Mum - Sydney NSW)

Mum to toddler

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