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Hi again,

My son still has no teeth!!!!! We've been waiting sooooooooo long.... He started teething at 4 months. I thought it was just my imagination, but the health nurse checked him and said, "He's definantly teething, but I don't think he'll get them straight away, he'll be a lot older when they finally cut through"........
How in the world did she know that?? LOL

Anyway, I was just wondering out of pure curiosity, how many other people had kids that cut their teeth late?? My son is 1 on Saturday.
Here we have teeth but not very many! Gabrielle got her top 2 teeth just before her first birthday, quickly followed by the bottom two. Now three months later she still only has four! Doesn't worry us, it's hard enough cleaning 4 teeth. Don't worry I had visions of her going to school all gummy but all will be fine.

Looks like it's 10 months since I updated my details. Better do that now. She's nearly 15 mths.

Karen, mum to Gabrielle 1/9/03, #2 edd 24/8/05


My daughter didn't get her first tooth til she was nearly 11 months old. Then it a space of 4 weeks she got 4.
Apparently is the teeth stay in the gums longer the harder the enamel. Dont worry they will come in their own good time.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

You will probably find they all come through one after the other and he will have a mouth full of lovely white teeth before you know it.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi bubba,

My daughter took ages to get her first two teeth, but when she finally did (bottom two) she didn't stop. She will be two in January, and she is just now getting her two yr old molars!! They come through really fast when the come, one day the tooth won't be there, next day it will!!!

Watch out though, those teeth are really sharp when they do finally come through. He will be constantly biting things, anything he lays his hands on will go straight in the mouth.

Allison Mum to Jazmin
Hi everyone,
Just thought I'd give an update. Christian is now just under 14 months and guess what??.......
I'm actually finding it quite amusing now!!! I have visions of sending him to school with falsies!! LOL
I think he looks sooooo cute.... he looks like an exact replica of his grandfather.
Oh well I'll keep playing the waiting game.
My sister gave me this tip and swears it works, but I haven't tried it so I don't guarantee it! She cooked up some steak and gave big pieces to her kids to chew on when she thought they were starting to get some teeth. She swears that she did this each time it seemed like they were ready to come but hadn't cut the gum and within a day the teeth had started to cut the gum. As I said, I haven't tried it so it might be an old wives tale, but she was told this by a friend who also swears by it. Might be worth a try and at least he will get some iron into him!!!

Cymantha, NSW, DD 20/12/2003

cymton - thanks for the tip.... gonna give this a go and let you know if it's true.
I think he's really ready though cause he's been really sore today and he was chewing his hand, my hand, his toys etc. had a bit of a diaorreah and a bit of a temp. But then again this could be due to the heat.
Hopefully I'll give it a go tomorrow.
Hi bubbaborg,
It is amazing how kids adapt - being able to eat all sorts of things with no teeth! My son didn't get his first tooth until he was 9 months and I thought that was bad enough! I was actually disappointed when the first tooth had come through because I was so used to those cute gummy smiles and thought he looked strange with teeth! Keep us updated on the situation!

My babies are all grown up sad

Hi everyone,
I tried the steak thing 4 days ago and guess what???????
Yep you guessed right.... NO TEETH!!!!!!
It was worth a try though and you're right at least I got some iron into him!!!
Oh well, the wating game continues.
Hello again,
Just thought I'd give an update...
Christian is now over 14 months and guess what??......
It has cut through but it's still small and sharp, but it's there!!! And the best thing is, he gave us no problems with it. He was grizzly for a couple of hours the night we noticed it and that was it!!!
It looks funny seeing him with it, but he still looks cute!!!
Well done Christian and bubbaborg! Great news. Thanks for the update!

My babies are all grown up sad

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