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14 month old - does not eat on his own!! Lock Rss

My 14 month old baby does not eat anything on his own. If I give him a biscuit or a soft piece of fruit ie. banana he just squashes it and throws it on the floor. Is this strange - is it too early for him to be eating on his own yet? Should I be worried about that?

Mum to toddler

My son did that when he was 12 months apparently they r just feeling the texture of the food my dr reckoned. What i ended up doing was at dinner time id give him some whole cooked potato to play with while i fed him and he ended up feeding himself.
My son has never ate banana he still just throws it away i think because its a different texture to most fruit.
Have u tried toast nearly all kids love toast with vegemite on it. Dont get upset with him or he will refuse more. I know its frustrating but hang in there.

Good Luck Let me know how u go.
Be guided by your little one, just keep mashing and spoon feeding until he is ready. After having a baby that stopped drinking milk at 6 months!!! nothing phases me with baby feeding, you just got to work around it I think!
Finger foods can start at around 9 months but as all children are different they don't all go for this concept. Try a few different foods. I too think toast is a healthy option that seems to go down well. If your baby has a favourite puree then perhaps whole pieces of that will work. If he keeps doing it you may have to eat some with him to give him the idea. If he eats in some form then just try again in a week or two and most importantly relax. If children think we are nervous about something then it might make them nervous about it as well.

Rhonda, Vic

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