My son is 14 months old and is still having a bottle before nap and before he goes down at night and a little bit during day if he wants. He wont drink juice maybe a mouthful of water (if im lucky) out of his bottle and wont drink anything at all out of a sipper cup. I have bought all sorts of cups from straw cups to the heinz basic cup to the avent spout cup. Has any one got any suggestions as i think i have tried everything i have even refused to give him his bottle and try and make him drink out of sipper cup but he just wont drink ANYTHING. He wont hold his own bottle which is part my fault cause i never propt him up when he was younger.

Also he hates lumpy food if i give him jelly and custard he spits out the jelly. If i give him mashed potato and there are peas in it he will spit them out. He dosnt like banana or meat. (he only has 4 teeth on top and 3 down bottom could it be he cant chew them up properly).