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14 month gone off milk overnite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Lock Rss

My 14 month old boy has suddenly gone off milk overnite. Now, I am unable to give any milk be it formula or cow's milk. Everytime he sees the bottle he will cry or push the bottle away. so I give him a cup but when he sip it and realize it's milk he will spit it out and throw that cup away. Does anyone out there ever face with this situation. Please help!!!!

My little girl 17 months old, doesn't drink milk during the day but will have a bottle during the night. My doctor just told me to make sure that she has 3 serving of dairy a day and maybe try a lactose free formula to see if that is the problem.

I hope this is helpful.

Tarryn, Country QLD, 11/06/03 Hannah

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