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Recipies for a toddler with food allergies Lock Rss

can anyone give me a site that has recipies for toddlers. my daughter can't have any dairy products or egg. and need some recipies

Nat, QLD

My son also suffers from these allergies and more. I have yet to find a web site but you can phone the makers of Infasoy Formula, Wyeth, as they will send out a recipe booklet called "Cooking Without milk." (Just get the number off a tin in the supermarket). There is also a book I found at my local library called Allergy Free Cooking for kids. If you can't get hold of it try accessing This is a shop in Bondi that sells cook books. i think you can order online. Don't forget you can substitute soy milk and dairy free butter in most recipes (although soy doesn't freeze well) and you can use a product called "No-Egg" in recipes (in health food section).

Good luck

Tracey, Sydney, mum of 2

I am pleased to hear there are other children like my son. It is very hard when most of the recipes for toddlers have either dairy or egg in them. I find cheese is a real challenge because as yet I have not found any substitute!
I am going now to look at the allergy free web site. Thanks Tracey.

Kate, NSW, Hamish's Mum

No problem Kate. Glad to help. I agree that cheese is a problem. I tried the soy cheese but my son, Noah hated it. At one stage he didn't mind the Tofutti cream cheese spread which i guess you could mix with pasta etc. Unfortunately he has hit that stage where he has gone off eating just about everything, so we'll give the cheese a go again soon. In addition to eating at home I find eating out is a real problem. A friend gave me a badge for Noah to wear that says "Allergy - do not give any food". I find this brilliant as people always ask first and watch what they drop on the ground etc. I guess you can't be too careful. Good luck.\ and let me know how you go.

Tracey, Sydney, mum of 2

Hi Tracey. I like the idea of the badge. We always run the gauntlet at Toy Library, especially as they have a canteen and nothing is really suitable! Lucky Hamish doesn't actually get sick, it just comes out as an allergy on his skin where there is any contact with dairy. My husband said he would hate to see what would happen if he touched a cow... (very amusing)
Hamish is also going through a picky stage so I take heart to hear we are not the only ones who have the lovingly prepared food cast away! Like everything else I guess it will balance out again.
hear you again.

Kate, NSW, Hamish's Mum

If you find any good ones would you post them here please. Apparently there is a child starting at Kindy who is highly allergic to heaps of things and we're not allowed to send any packaged food to kindy in the lunch box. I'll have to start cooking all the snacks from scratch.

Thanks in advance.

tired and feeling old

Hi guys,

I have been finding it really hard to feed my 13mth old as he wants to feed himself, and I can't think of anything. He is on a dairy free, wheat free, egg free, citrus free diet due to eczema. Luckily he can eat Country Life Rye bread, which is wheat and dairy free. I have also found a pancake mix in the supermarket made by Freedom Foods which is dairy free, wheat free and egg free. Thanks for the tip on the allergy web site.

Ronda is a great site - you can do a search for recipes in a wide range of categories (main meals, snacks, kids meals, desserts etc) and you can specifically EXCLUDE ingredients you can't/don't want to use. I made my daughter a great chocolate cake from this site, containing no eggs, butter or milk. It has become a favourite among our family & friends.

Hi Ronda,

I know this was ages ago you did this post... I have just had allergy testing done on my bub (11 months) after ages of guess work, and he is allergic to wheat and egg... It came up that he was OK with milk, and we had assumed he was allergic to dairy as well, he has been on a soy formula for months. Though I think perhaps he has an intolerance to dairy cos I got all excited and gave him some cheese yesterday and he had a bit of a reaction... He is also allergic to cat hair (so all the foods I had previously eliminated I have to retry cos he could have been reacting to our cat!!)..
My bub cant have the rye bread as it rye still contains gluten. We tried the pancake mix though and that went down a treat!!! Have you found anything else good in the last couple of months? I have also been struggling as he basically just eats fruit and veges! Anyway, I'd love to hear any ideas and how your little one is going...

Suz, NSW


Have since found a few more things. Orgran make foods which are all wheat free, dairy free and gluten free. They make pasta, fruit sticks, and canned spaghetti (haven't tried this yet). Freedom foods also make a custard mix, and a corn fritter mix which is gluten, wheat and dairy free. Zacari can now have egg so that makes our life a bit easier. There are gluten & dairy free breads on the market. You could also try making your own. Also what about Spelt bread? I don't think that has gluten. Country Life make that also

Have a look on the websire for Orgran and Freedom Foods for a full listing of their products.

I quite often add grated carrot, zucchini and creamed corn to the pancake mix for a savoury entree.

Good luck!

Thanks for that... I see Coles has quite a good range of the Orgran stuff.
I have never heard of Spelt bread - will check that out..
Thats a good idea of things to add to the pancake mix! Sounds yummy.
Thats great that your Zacari (cool name by the way) can now have egg... Would make things a bit easier. I have just been trying to find an wheat and egg free birthday cake (Impossible!) - have finally found someone who will make me one! (I am not a good cook - but when it comes to playing around with different ingredients - ie trying to figure out how much rice flour to put instead of normal flour - forget it!!!) So at least he will have a cake for his birthday! YAH!!!

Suz, NSW

hi there, to all mothers that need some great meal ideas for children with certain dietry needs check out this website, its also go some great stuff on health and loads of info. Good luck to everyone.

Just copy and paste this.

They have meals for kids with special needs such as
:Cystic Fibrosis
:Lactose Intolerance
:Celiac Disease
and meals for the Whole Family.

2girls plus one

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