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I have a 14mth toddler, I work full time mon-thur and my toddler is a great eater and drinker, is not fussy, sleeps well at night and fairly problem free except for the 2 am bottle.

I am planning to eliminate this bottle over Christmas when I have 2 weeks off work but I am looking for Ideas which work quickly.

At the moment it is easier to feed the bottle and she will go straight back to sleep I'm up for only 10-15 mins which means I can still function at work.

If you have any ideas I can try on my holidays please let me know.

Bridget, NSW, 14mth baby

My daughter is now 13 months old and still has a midnight to 2 am bottle, and like you she is only awake for the bottle and goes straight back to sleep but I am finding it hard also on my sleep. Sometimes she can go 2-3 nights in a row with no bottle and then she will have a midnight and a 3.30am bottle and I am at my wits end with how to get her back to sleep without it. I have tried ignoring her when she wakes but she cries more and more till eventually she throws up and then I have to clean her and the cot, I have also tried the controlled crying and the rocking her and cuddle's and giving her water but nothing seems to work like the bottle. Please tell me if there are any suggestions on how to get her to sleep through????
We had this for a little white with our boy who is now 16 months old. The daycare he is at told us to leave him crying for about 15-20 minutes and usually by then they cry themselves back to sleep. I was a bit iffy (sp?) about it at first, but it did work. There has only been 1 time we have had to give him a bottle and that was about 3 weeks ago. If you can't let them cry then you could try feeding them some solid food before they go to bed so the tummy is full when they go to bed.

Becks, NZ Andrew 23-04-04 Josh 14-02-07

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